Yes, I’m Going To Push My Religion On You. Here’s Why

Are you one of those people who gets offended or stand-off-ish when a Christian wants to share his or her faith with you? Well, I’m one of those Christians. I want to share my faith with you. But you may think that I’m just pushing my religion or values on you. I have a message for you.

That’s exactly what I’m doing. And I have good reason for it that I hope you will consider. You Are In Danger

Sounds melodramatic, doesn’t it? You see, I have the greatest news in the world to share. It’s as if I have the cure for cancer. How could I justify not giving it out? 

You are in danger. Sin has separated us from God and without a remedy, we are in danger of being lost, eternally. What could be more important than that? So, what I have to share is completely for your benefit. I want to bring you out of danger.

I Love You

If I know you, then I love you. But if I didn’t share my faith with you then how could I say that I love you? That’s crazy. If I love you, then I want to share with you what I have that is for your benefit.

Even if I don’t know you yet, how can I claim to be a Christian and not reach out in love in hopes of helping you? I love you is the most important reason why I want to share my faith with you.

I Have Something To Prove

This isn’t what is sounds like. What I have to prove isn’t that I’m right and your wrong. It isn’t something to hold over you. What I have to prove is the truth of what I want to share. I’m not simply sharing a philosophy. I’m sharing historical truth. Many people think that Christianity has no basis in fact. On the contrary, the message and life of Jesus is historical, grounded in real history and real world experience. I want you to know the truth. I want to prove it to you.

I Don’t Want To Live Without You

Sometimes it’s hard for people to live on when a loved one has died. Especially if that person dies without knowing Jesus. It means we will be separated forever, with no chance of ever enjoying your company ever again. If I know you, then it’s hard to imagine my life without you. I don’t want to be without you forever. I want to know you forever and enjoy you forever and I hope you would feel the same way. But without Jesus that can never happen. That’s heartbreaking. Don’t let it happen.

I Would Be A Hypocrite If I Didn’t

If I truly love you as I said, then I’d be a hypocrite if I didn’t try and share my faith with you. Some people think a Christian who doesn’t live what he preaches is a hypocrite. That’s true. But you know what, there are all kinds of hypocrites in the world: atheist hypocrites, Buddhist hypocrites, catholic hypocrites, Muslim hypocrites, and many other fill-in-the-blank hypocrites. We all blow it from time to time. But what would make me the greatest hypocrite would be if I DIDN’T share my faith with you. How can I say I love you, and want to be with you, and want to rescue you, if I kept my mouth shut. Then I’d be the worst hypocrite of all.

You’re Missing Something Critical In Your Life

Actually, there’s a lot you’re missing in your life without Jesus. Your missing God’s forgiveness, his mercy, his grace, the abundance of a life in Christ you may have never known. But with Jesus there’s more you could miss, that you’ll want to miss: sin, addictions with no hope of freedom, God’s wrath for your sin, and so on. I don’t want you to miss the good. I want you to miss the bad.

You Are in Prison And I’ve Got The Key To Your Cell

The prison I refer to is the prison of sin. All of us do bad things. The scripture says that “There is none who are good, no not one.” But that changes when we come to know Jesus. When that happens, God counts us a good because of the punishment Jesus took in our place. The only way out of sin, from God’s perspective, is to embrace Jesus Christ. He is the key that unlocks the cell door. And faith in him and his resurrection is what enables us to step out of that cell.

Even If You Say No I’ll Still Love You And Respect Your Decision, But That Doesn’t Mean I’m Going To Stop

How can I stop looking for an opportunity to tell you about Jesus. Sometimes I recognize those opportunities and sometimes I miss them. Sometimes I do keep my mouth shut because it’s obvious you may not want to talk about spiritual things. So, out of respect for your wishes, I keep my mouth shut. But I won’t keep my mouth shut forever. If I did, what kind of person would I be?


Yes, I’m pushing my religion upon you. And I have no intention of stopping the push. Sometimes, I may push hard, sometimes softly. But I’m still going to push because you mean too much for me not to push.

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