Will You Get Alone Time With Jesus In Heaven?

A few times scripture says Jesus sent away crowds or persons after a miracle occurred.

Jesus sent others away so he could pray.
Jesus sent others away so he could move on to something else.
Jesus sent others away to tell others about him.
Jesus sent others away to follow a law about healing.

In every instance when Jesus sent others away, they had to get back to their own lives.

Have you ever thought about heaven, about how much alone time you might have with Jesus? There will be billions of people and angels in heaven. How often do you think you will get lengthy one-on-one time with Jesus? When we gather to worship, how close to the throne do you think you will get, or will you worship from far away? In heaven there are responsibilities to perform and experiences to have. But Jesus won’t be by your side for all of them. You’ll do some things on your own and some with other people. You’ll have your own life to live and God wants you to enjoy it. Thankfully, you will have the Holy Spirit with you at all times. And guess what? You have him with you right now.

Did you know that every day, 15,000 Christians die and enter Heaven? Let’s contemplate that for a moment. How do you think that Heaven integrates 15,000 Christians a day into its society? Does every person, every day, get a one-on-one “Welcome to Heaven” meeting from Jesus, personally? 

When God created Adam and Eve he made them for each other. This signifies that Adam didn’t spend all of his time with God. Sometimes he was alone. Sometimes he was with Eve. God wants us to enjoy one another and not just him. He’s not going to monopolize all of our time or stalk us. We will have our own lives to live. But we will live them to his glory, even if we don’t have a lot of one-on-one time. But since we have eternity, we will have many opportunities to be with him personally.

Live your life for Jesus. Cherish time with others. Cherish time with him. 

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