Why Are Christians So Dang Political?

Why are conservative Christians so big on traditional values? It’s because we recognize that family, marriage, hard work, and sacrifice are foundational to a society. Our purpose is not to create a theocracy or force the country to become, politically, a Christian nation. Rather, it is to create a healthy society that is known for good, and truth, and respect. Part of this posture is to identify and oppose sin whether personal or political and how it harms families, marriages, and the society at large.

In Matthew 28, all authority is given to Jesus. He is not just some heavenly Lord. He is also earthly king. His authority is greater than any president, prime minister, legislator, or court. Therefore, all allegiance is owed to him.

The Cultural Mandate (Genesis 1 & 2) includes the political arena. Therefore, Christians must be equal participants in society’s development and maintenance.

In Romans 1:1-6 Paul claimed authority to require the obedience of Roman Christians to the faith. He wrote this letter to Christians in the capital of the Roman Empire. Then after speaking of his authority in Christ he went on to condemn Roman sexual practices. Such a letter, from the Roman perspective, could be viewed as treason. Instead, Paul’s letter carried a higher weight of authority than Caesar. And it carries it still today.

All political authorities are established by God, thus, he is lord over them, even now (Romans 13:1-7).

Christians are obligated to offer the remedy for sin, whether personal, social, or political. In Matthew 28:18-20 Jesus commanded his followers to make disciples. His command was not just spiritual. He claimed authority over all nations. Therefore, his solution for sin is available to all, regardless of heritage or politics.

We cannot say we truly love Jesus and at the same time celebrate or love what he opposes. We must voice opposition to sin for two simple reasons: (1) A proper view of personal sin is necessary if people are to understand the Gospel, and (2) The Gospel of Jesus cannot be expressed apart from moral absolutes.

The recent ranker about gay marriage is not, as some would say, about civil rights. It is first about right and wrong. If something is morally wrong, then it must be opposed and we should express to our government opposition to legal approvals of wrong over right. This is what the Old Testament prophets did, regularly. In their case, these wrongs stood in opposition to the Mosaic Covenant, which was Israel’s constitution. Thus, the prophets not only had a moral obligation to speak out, they also had a legal obligation. They confronted sin in their society and in their government. The defined sin, condemned sin, and offered a remedy for sin, both personal and political.

We are also obligated to speak out—but not just about sin. We are obligated and commanded to speak out about God’s remedy for sin. That remedy is the solution for America.

The solution is not traditional values. The solution is not original intent in the constitution. The solution is not first amendment freedoms. The solution is not conservatism over liberalism. The solution for America’s sins is only in the person, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Without him all other solutions are merely temporary reforms. History demonstrates that all reforms eventually erode and fade away. What we truly need is personal, foundational transformation like only Jesus Christ can bring to the deepest part of men’s hearts.

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