What I’m Learning From My Adult Kids

It’s been a few years that my children have been out on their own. As I think about their upbringing and what I wanted them to know about life I’m also thinking about how they turned out and what my girls can teach me in their adulthood as they live their lives and live out their faith. So, here’s what I’ve learned from my adult children.

Stefani is persistent. Since she was a small child she wanted to be a teacher like her grandmother and her mother. Nothing ever deterred her from that even when faced with great difficulties. Now she’s a math and science teacher. She has some challenging kids from year to year, but she persists in caring for them and teaching them. Nothing stops Stefani from doing what she wants or needs to do. I love that about her.

Stefani is also great at being her true self in front of others. Like her dad, she loves some good scifi and enjoys the convention circuit. Some people might think that’s weird. So what. She loves it and isn’t afraid to let other see it. She’s true to herself in addition to being committed to Christ and to the church.

If there’s anything my second daughter, Rochele knows how to do (other than be a great mom) it’s take a stand. She likes to find out the details of things that cross her path and she’s not afraid to take a stand on what she knows is right—no matter who is on the receiving end. She’s not arrogant. But she’s firm. And that leads her into another trait I admire in her: staying faithful. Rochele is faithful to her husband and kids, but also to Jesus and all that she understands about scripture. When I think about it, these two traits of taking a stand and being faithful make her a rock that her family can always depend upon.

My youngest, Whitney, loves openly and completely. Even when not being treated fairly or rightly, she feels the offense, but always chooses to express love and forgiveness. Whitney has a tender heart and boy oh boy is that something I want to have as part of my character. 

Whitney also always believes the best about people. She knows people are sinners. There’s no doubt about that. But Whitney always looks for the best in others whenever she can. Actually, she reminds me of my mother in that regard.

Loving openly and always believing for the best are great traits to have when you encounter opposition to your faith or lifestyle.

These are just a few things I’ve been learning from my adult children. I hope that when I grow up I’ll share these wonderful traits with my kids.

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