What Christmas Means To Me

What does Christmas mean to you? For me, by itself, Christmas means little. This is because Christmas, as a holy day, does not stand on its own merits. Christmas is validated by an even more important day in history.


Easter stands on its own because it is the celebration of the most important day in history—the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, never to die again. Consider that if Jesus had not died on the cross and rose from the dead, then Christmas would not be a day of significance. The birth of Jesus may be surrounded with unusual circumstances and claims, but what would they amount to if not for the cross and the resurrection?

Scholars say that during Jesus’ day there were as many as 30 men making claims to messiahship in Israel. If not for the cross and the resurrection, Jesus would be just another unknown teacher making grandiose, but ultimately disappointing claims. The cross and the resurrection are the ultimate proof of Jesus’ significance.

What is the proof of your significance?

When I consider my life I look back with some pride at my accomplishments. But I also look back to bitter disappointments. What is it that makes my life worthwhile? Certainly my wife and my adult children motivate me. But my ultimate reason to carry forward with all things in my life is my relationship with Jesus. He is my supreme affection. Only Jesus’ death for me, and his resurrection for me, provide the ultimate meaning and purpose in my life. Apart for Jesus I could live only for myself, but how empty would that be? My life is a vapor. One day even the dust of my name will be forgotten. Therefore, only what is done for Christ will last.

What does Christmas mean to you? To me, I look forward to what the first Christmas would later reveal; that Jesus would die for sins and rise from the dead. He is the ultimate gift. He gave the ultimate gift. Without Jesus, my significance is but a wisp in a passing wind.

This is what Christmas means to me. How about you?

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