The Problem Of Evil


How can a good God exist if evil exist? This question has plagued mankind for centuries. The Bible assumes that both God exists and evil exists. But if God is all-loving and good, as well as all-powerful, how can he let evil exist.

On this page are several treatments to the aforementioned problem. Specifically, we approach the problem of evil by looking at God’s nature, God’s will, and God’s sovereignty. Most importantly, some of these answers will not seem emotionally satisfying. But they are treatments which approach the truth of God’s existence, and our existence and attempt to come up with a balance by recognizing that, yes, God exists and evil exists, and these two ideas do not cancel each other out.

If you’d like to talk further about this difficulty, after reading these treatments, please feel free to contact me at the email link on this page.

  • Ethics: The Good of Suffering

    Why suffering is a necessary part of our experience with God.

  • The Answer To Suffering That No One Wants To Hear

    Sometimes the answer to our suffering is one we reject because it isn’t emotionally satisfying, it doesn’t make us feel better. But as we learn from scripture, God isn’t always concerned with our emotions. He is concerned with something even greater.

  • Why Doesn’t God Do Something About Evil?

    With all of the evil in the world today, how can we worship a God who allows so much personal suffering? Why doesn’t God do something about the evil around us? I hold that in fact God has done something. In fact, he’s done at least six somethings. And you are part of what God has done.

  • Where Is God When _______? 

    Go ahead and fill in the blank with your experience. This article was originally written in response to a challenge from a non believing friend about God’s lack of doing anything to help her understand her suffering. Here are five reasons that defend God’s actions, or what we might perceive to be his lack of action.

  • Why Does God Withhold Information From Us?

    When Joseph’s brothers sold him into slavery in Egypt, they returned to their father, Jacob, and told him he has been eaten by a wild animal. Jacob grieved for years. However, Jacob had a unique relationship with God. So, why didn’t God tell him what really happened and that Joseph was really alive? Why did God allow his servant, Jacob to suffer under a lie for so many years? Why did he withhold that information? Does he do the same to us?

  • Blaming God For Suffering 

    He’s a response about our role in our own suffering and why we should examine ourselves when we are tempted to blame God for the evil that befalls us.

  • Does God Do Evil? The Answer Might Surprise You

    Here is a lengthy treatment about God and suffering. This one goes a little more in depth than the above articles about functional good and evil, and how perspective gives us a different understanding about God’s role in the existence of evil.

  • Without Sin

    A simple treatment to the issue of why sin exists and what benefit we derive from its existence. Benefit? Yes, I said benefit. Take a look. 


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