The Coming Christian Persecution

The institutionalization of sin always results in the persecution of those who hold that sin as destructive.

Rome had institutionalized murder in the gladiatorial games. Christians were often thrown to the lions and murdered by gladiators. 

The United States institutionalized the murder of unborn children. Those who protest or who try to save the lives of the unborn can be routinely arrested for acting to protect life.

During the days of the Soviet Union, atheism was institutionalized. The result was open persecution and imprisonment of Christians who openly practiced their faith. The same is currently true in China, where pastors who are not part of the government’s Three-Self Movement face imprisonment and often “disappear.”

In most of the Middle East, Islam is institutionalized and those who refuse to obey the Quran or become Muslim suffer everything from being forced to pay an oppressive tax to even being killed for their faith in countries like Yemen, Pakistan, Iran, and Saudi Arabia.

In Canada, gay rights activists have successfully attacked churches and Christians who take a biblical stand on the gay marriage issues. Pastors and others have had to face tribunals for their speech. We may soon follow our brothers and sisters elsewhere in the world who are already suffering for their faith.

Whenever sin is institutionalized, the persecution of the church soon follows.

When states began institutionalizing gay marriage, gay activists intentionally targeted Christian-owned bakeries and florists in order to shut down their businesses for refusing to participate in gay weddings. Make no mistake, the institutionalization of homosexuality has already taken place. Even before the Supreme Court’s ruling, many school textbooks and teachers began teaching the gay lifestyle even to children in elementary schools. Teaching children the gay lifestyle was foundational to the ancient Minoan culture, from which Sodom later sprang. 

The coming persecution will take things to the next level. Pastors, apologists, and churches will soon be targeted for refusing to host, officiate, and make room for gay weddings and activities within their churches and ministries. Those who speak of homosexuality as a biblically defined sin will suffer under lawsuits. We can expect churches to lose their tax-exempt status and even be shut down. Arrests may also take place under the guise of hate speech.

You must decide where you will stand on this issue. Will you kowtow to gay activists demands to compromise your faith or will you stand firm in your biblical convictions even under the threat of lawsuits or prison? The time to decide what we really believe and what we will do, is now. Don’t be caught unprepared to stand firmly on the ground of your faith in Jesus Christ.

And don’t forget, even in the worst of times Jesus requires that we still love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us. No matter what we face, the forgiveness of Jesus and the love of the Father must always be offered to even the worst of people who would see us harmed or imprisoned. This is what it means to truly follow Christ.

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