Surveying The Truth

Cutting Edge Magazine
June 1991
Tom Terry

The March 25th edition of US. News and World Report revealed a survey stating that 74 percent Of Americans think they’ll go to Heaven. An article in an April edition of the Albuquerque Journal stated that 86 percent of Americans are Christians. The April 29th Albuquerque Journal had a story on “America’s Darkest Secrets.” A story about a poll conducted of 2000 Americans designed to discover what Americans were really like behind the facades we often put on for our bosses and spouses. The surveyors had these 2000 people write down their answers to secret questions in secret. Here’s part of what was found.

Only 13 percent of Americans believe in the Ten Commandments. Now how can 86 percent of Americans be Christians while 87 percent don’t even believe in the Ten Commandments? The answer may be found in the next revealed survey result: 91 percent of Americans lie regularly. Thursday, May 2nd, was the National Day of Prayer. Unless a lot of Americans repented before then, God didn’t pay attention to most of our prayers.

Twenty percent of Americans say they lost their virginity before they were thirteen. Maybe our youth group activities should start at younger ages.

Here’s a scary and predictable figure: A third of AIDS carriers have not told their spouses or lovers—that’s 33 percent! “People shall be lovers of pleasure,” the scripture says, and “Most people’s love shall grow cold.” It may be time to ask your spouse if he or she is infected. If you’re sleeping with someone you shouldn’t be, you need to ask them as well. God instituted marriage before the church, and it seems that marriage is also the first institution in jeopardy: 50 percent of Americans say there is no reason to ever get married. Thirty one percent of married people have had or are having affairs. Sadly, 47 percent say they wouldn’t marry the same person if they had it to do all over again.

If God isn’t in the home, then He isn’t in the nation. The home is the most basic unit of any society. Since 87 percent of Americans don’t believe in the authority of the Ten Commandments (and thus God’s word), then we should expect rampant adultery and fornication, constant lying and the like. And since most Americans don’t believe in the authority of scripture and adherence to moral values based upon the standards of scripture, then it is absurd for us to believe the previous surveys—that 74 percent of Americans are going to Heaven, or that 86 percent of Americans are Christian. On the contrary, 74 percent of Americans (or more) are going to hell, and 86 percent of us are pagans.

It has been said by those who ridicule the “old fashioned,” and “superstitious” writings of the Bible that we, in the modern era, have grown out of such “primitive” thinking. “The Bible” they say, “is no longer valid today, we don’t need those old codes and archaic laws and regulations—we live in the age of reason.” Well, maybe we should reason this: If you ignore the law of God you become lawless—immoral. Therefore, the lawless must return to standards of behavior laid out in the law. The sad fact is, we are a nation of lawless people, and scripture says in I Timothy 1:9, “The Law was not made for a righteous man, but for those who are lawless and rebellious.”

If the scripture is archaic and primitive and we no longer need such standards, then you must explain how you will repair broken homes without it, how you will make honest people of the dishonest, how you will put a halt to AIDS spread, divorce, the rising crime problem, and more. It seems ironic that most people think they’ll go to Heaven, and that most people think they are Christians, yet most people live as if Heaven requires no morality and the name “Christian” applies to a nationality instead of a people group obedient to Jesus Christ. Why would a nation whose people call itself “Christian” act so opposite of what Christian is? Romans 3:20 tells us plainly, “Through His law comes the knowledge of sin.” Most people don’t recognize their sin because they don’t even know God’s word or believe it if they do know it. How can a nation repent of its sin and come to Christ if it doesn’t even know it is in sin?

Eighty six percent of us say we’re Christian and 87 percent of us don’t even believe in the Ten Commandments. So much for our “Christian” nation. It’s time to re-educate our nation about the Bible and true Christianity. We should begin in public schools, moving to college campuses, through the public media, and even into the halls of government.