Parallels: You Are In The Bible

In the scripture there are many parallels or contrasts from parts of the Old Testament to one another, and to the New Testament, even to Jesus. But some of the greatest parallels are from the scripture to us. Allow me to provide one set of seven parallels from two short stories in the Bible and show you how they connect to Jesus and to you.

Our stories come from Genesis 3 and 18. One is the story of Adam and Eve. The other is of Abraham and Sarah. There are seven things these stories have in common with one another, and with the life of Jesus, and with your life.

Genesis 3:8 Theophany. God was walking in the garden.
Genesis 18:1 Theophany. The Lord appeared to Abraham.
NT: Incarnation. Jesus is the last Theophany.
You: Jesus is in you through the Holy Spirit.

Prime Time
Genesis 3:8 The cool of the day.
Genesis 18:1 The heat of the day.
Mark 16:2 The sun had risen on resurrection day.
You: Today is the day of salvation (II Corinthians 6:2).

Precursor of the Cross
Genesis 3:8,12 Adam and Eve hid in the trees of the garden
Genesis 18:4,8 Abraham’s visitors refresh themselves under the tree.
Luke 23:32 Jesus hung on a tree (Acts 5:30, Gal. 3:13).
You: The tree (cross) is our refuge.

Genesis 3:21 Made clothes of skin (a sacrifice).
Genesis 18:7-8 Abraham prepared a calf.
Romans 5:6 Jesus is our sacrifice.
You: We should sacrifice our lives for Jesus (Romans 12).

The Pursuit
Genesis 3:9 God asks of Adam, “Where are you?” They hid in the garden.
Genesis 18:9 The visitor asks, “Where is Sarah your wife?” She was in the tent.
John 18:9 “Whom do you seek?” Jesus was in the garden, but didn’t hide in the garden.
You: God is seeking you. Where are you?

The Promised One
Genesis 3:15 A child promised.
Genesis 18:10 A child promised.
Luke 1:26-38 Jesus is the promised one.
You: Jesus is OUR promised one. For the Christian, all the promises are yes in him (II Corinthians 10:20).

The Promise Believed
Genesis 4:1 The promise believed.
Genesis 18: 12-15 The promise disbelieved.
Luke 1:38 The promise believed.
You: If we believe, we are made righteous in his sight

Everything in the Bible is relative to us. Sometimes it takes a little digging to understand the Bible’s pictures, but everything we need to know about God, his relationship to us, and how to live in Christ is in the scripture.

What parallels can you find?

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