Nations Don’t Have Cheeks

Cutting Edge Magazine
March 1991
Tom Terry

Is it “blood for oil,” or is it “aggression?” Protesters say, “Blood for oil.” President Bush says “aggression.” It is in fact both.

When Iraq invaded Kuwait, the goal was to secure control of oil flow. Saddam Hussein shed Iraqi blood to control oil. When George Bush sent troops to the desert, it was to protect oil flow. There is a difference. Saddam used his military might to control oil for the purely selfish reason of bolstering his own economy. George Bush has used the military to guarantee the free flow of oil to protect the world economy. For us, higher oil prices represent an inconvenience. For some in third world countries, higher oil prices can be tantamount to starvation. The United States has done a good thing.

It is said that the U.S. would not have interfered in this kind of conflict if the region was not so economically and militarily important. That is true. When Iraq invaded Iran, the United States sold apps to Hussein. To the United States, Iran represented more of a threat at the time than Iraq. At the time, Iraq posed no threat to the stability of the world economy. It did with the invasion of Kuwait.

It is said that other national leaders are just as aggressive and brutal as Hussein, yet the U.S. has not attacked them. Hafel Assad of Syria, they say, has killed as many of his own people as Saddam Hussein has. He too has invaded and tried to invade neighboring countries. All true, but Assad has never threatened the world oil flow and economy. By putting the world economy in jeopardy, Hussein’s brand of “aggression” becomes far worse.

Some Protestants and Catholics have said that war is unjustified in this case. We must “tum the other cheek,” so to speak. Jesus’ words to His disciples were just that: to His disciples. They were meant to govern the response to a personal attack. Nations have no cheeks.

It has been said that God does not take sides in war. Yet the Bible is full of the commands of God to prepare for war. To completely destroy cities and nations. When a nation is corrupt beyond repentance, it is destroyed. But that is all we often see. God’s overall plan is not destruction for destruction’s sake, but so a rebuilding of a new society may take place.

Iraq will be rebuilt. And Iraq will once again be destroyed during the last final war of this age, just before the return of Jesus Christ. The whole world as we know it will cease. Upon the rubble of the buildings we now occupy, and the charred remains of the environment we worship, Christ will build the society the Jewish and Christian scriptures have promised for so long. In that day, blood will not be shed for oil, and aggressors will be unknown. Only the shed blood of Jesus Christ will matter. The only oil of importance will be the oil of gladness. That day is not too far off.