It’s Not A Gay Thing, It’s A Bible Thing

Sad news a few days ago that former Christian music artist Jennifer Knapp came out as a lesbian in preparation for the release of her newest album. During a segment of Larry King Live, Knapp said, “I think there is plenty of evidence in my exploration of my faith through the sacred text of the Holy Bible that I have definitely recognized that we are somewhat at the handicap of our own interpretation of a sacred text.”

That somewhat convoluted sentence basically means that the rightness or wrongness of homosexuality is a matter of biblical interpretation.

Actually, it’s not.

The Bible’s prohibitions against homosexuality are no different than it’s prohibitions against lying, stealing, murdering, or adultery. Try this on for size:

“You know, it’s okay to murder someone ‘cuz it’s a matter of biblical interpretation.”

“Hey, it’s okay for me to lift your wallet ‘cuz the scripture isn’t really clear on that whole ‘thou shalt not steal’ business.”

“Yes, I slept with your daughter. But I love her and besides, the Bible doesn’t really address the issue of sex between two unmarried people in love.”

Jennifer Knapp’s real problem is not her homosexuality. Her lesbianism is actually a symptom of a much greater problem. Her problem is with her fallacious view of the Bible. It never fails that when someone questions the authority, or reliability, or inspiration of the scriptures that sin is just around the corner—if not already in play. Such is sadly true for Jennifer Knapp. It’s the exact same problem Eve had under the shade of the Tree of Knowledge. Satan asked Eve the question, “Did God really say…?”

When sin presents itself you can always expect that a “Did God really say,” moment is not far away. A low view of scripture gives more weight to the self-will to sin. “Did God really say,” is the perfect excuse for sin. Just like Eve, we know what God said, we simply choose to ignore or contradict it and then question its validity.

Did God really say homosexuality is a sin? Yes, he did. And he also said that it’s a forgivable sin to the one who confesses and repents by coming into agreement with him on the issue.

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