Islam: Are You On The Right Path?

The path of Islam is revealed in the Quran as being the final revelation of Allah and the only means whereby we can attain eternal life. When we read the Quran we read strong claims of its own authority and our commanded obedience.

Though the Quran contains strong claims, the Injeel makes even stronger claims – and neither seem to agree on the most important issues affecting us:

  1. What does Allah think of me?
  2. What is my destiny?
  3. How can I have eternal life?
  4. How can I be sure I am on the right path?

Are you on the right path? Look at what the Quran says about these issues, then look at what the Bible says.

The QuranThe Bible
[1] Allah loves those who obey him
[2] You are designed to obey Allah.
[3] By obeying Islam, and following it’s precepts, you may enter eternal life.
[4] Even if I try to obey Islam, there is no guarantee that I will achieve eternal life. I must be ever diligent to enter in.
[1] Allah loves everyone, and blesses those who obey him.
[2] You are designed to know Allah, and be loved by Him.
[3] By believing in Isa the Messiah, you can know God personally and receive eternal life.
[4] Allah made an unbreakable promise that I will have eternal life if I believe in Isa – even if I make terrible mistakes.

In the next pages you will see how Allah, through His perfect revelation in the Injeel, expresses Himself toward you with compassion, forgiveness, and love. First, let’s look at the reliability of Allah’s revelation in the Injeel.

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