Cutting Edge Magazine Archive

Cutting Edge Magazine was published by the Christian Broadcasting Academy/KLYT Radio in Albuquerque, New Mexico from 1991-1995. I was editor of the publication from 1991 to 1994.

Cutting Edge dealt with contemporary issues from a conservative and biblical perspective. This archive contains most of the issues published from 1991 to 1994. A few issues are missing. This archive contains the articles and commentaries that I wrote as editor of the magazine.

While the magazine is long outdated, many of the principles that we published remain timeless.

January 1991
Euthanasia And The Right Not To Die

March 1991
Nations Don’t Have Cheeks

April 1991
Redefining The Family

May 1991
The Environment: The Real Dangers, The Myths, The Facts
Eco-Myths, Eco-Facts
We Need More Than A Day Of Prayer

June 1991
Surveying The Truth

July 1991
Porn Industry Raises Albuquerque Crime

September 1991
Don’t Look For God In Nature, Look For Signs

October 1991
Albuquerque’s High Crime Spots And Some Possible Solutions
Crime Is A Moral Problem

November 1991
Multiculturalism Is Cultural Separatism

February 1991
AIDS: A Special Report

March 1992
Punishment & Pain Go Hand-in-Hand

August 1992
Change the Constitution? We barely have the one we started with

November 1992
Thanksgiving: Like Other Other Holiday

December 1992
What’s Wrong With The Argument For Gay Rights, And What’s Right

April 1993
Families That Work

July 1993
Making Alternative Education Work

November 1993
The Price Of Peace

December 1993
Sex, Lies, & The Case For Abstinence
Is The State Promoting Total Teen Abstinence?

February 1994
When Welfare Is Neither Well Nor Fair

March 1994
Why You Should Own One Of These

April 1994
The State Of School Prayer In New Mexico
Welfare Reform Revisited

June 1994
The Bible & Criminal Punishment

July 1994
Medicine & Morality: An Examination of Difficult Bioethical Issues

August 1994
Albuquerque Sex Crimes Report

November 1994
Morality & The State

December 1994
The Search For Life: How Scientists and Religionists Search For Non-Human Life