Together Through The Bible

In 2008-2009 while managing Eagle Television in Mongolia, I hosted two seasons of the Bible study program, Together Through The Bible. Upon its first release the program pulled great audience numbers. Many thousands of people were encouraged by the programs and 15,000 Bible studies matching the programs were distributed. Now, nearly all of those episodes of Together Through The Bible are available on Youtube … Learn More

Why Should Atheists Consider Theism?

Why should an atheist consider theism?  In Theism there is evidence. Christianity is not a philosophy or a belief system without historical roots. Everything that a person is asked to believe about Jesus Christ is founded upon the evidences of witnesses. The Bible never asks a person to “Just have faith” without evidence to back it up. Jesus never asked … Learn More

On Being Fat

I’m fat.  I wasn’t always like this. When I got married at 23 I weighed 128 pounds and had a 28-inch waist. Now I weigh 228 and have a 38-inch waist, pushing 40. Three times I’ve lost between 36-40 pounds. But I always pile the weight back on. Why does this happen? Because I don’t eat properly or workout consistently. … Learn More