How Can God Be Loving And Send People To Hell?

Earlier today I noticed this meme on Facebook, posted by a friend of mine. It’s a challenge to the believer that the God he worships is self-contradictory and inconsistent. The meme would seem to say the scripture is at odds with itself. Thus, why believe in a God who contradicts himself like this? However, such a perception is partial and … Learn More

If It Can’t Be Measured It Doesn’t Exist

A while back I posted the following on my Facebook page: “If it can’t be measured, it doesn’t exist.” It wasn’t long before someone asked, “How do you measure God?” Some people look at faith in God as something that is regulated to “personal belief.” In other words, you can believe something if you want, but it’s not really real. … Learn More

Together Through The Bible

In 2008-2009 while managing Eagle Television in Mongolia, I hosted two seasons of the Bible study program, Together Through The Bible. Upon its first release the program pulled great audience numbers. Many thousands of people were encouraged by the programs and 15,000 Bible studies matching the programs were distributed. Now, nearly all of those episodes of Together Through The Bible are available on Youtube … Learn More

Will You Get Alone Time With Jesus In Heaven?

A few times scripture says Jesus sent away crowds or persons after a miracle occurred. Jesus sent others away so he could pray.Jesus sent others away so he could move on to something else.Jesus sent others away to tell others about him.Jesus sent others away to follow a law about healing. In every instance when Jesus sent others away, they … Learn More

Where Is God When _______?

I had an interesting exchange with a Facebook friend who asked, “Where is God when genocide, rape, and starvation are part of everyday life?” Our short discussion revolved around injustices done to South African blacks during the era of apartheid. Her challenge was a significant one, and usually many Christians have great difficulties answering it, often overwhelmed with the scope … Learn More

Missing From The Bible. Nine Things Jesus Never Said

Here are nine things Jesus never said: (1) I am God(2) I created the universe(3) I am higher than the government(4) Worship me(5) Pray to me(6) Go to church(7) Read the Bible(8) Tithe(9) Hate the sin, but love the sinner If you’re confronted with one or more of these “facts,” be prepared to offer the defense that Jesus may have … Learn More

What Conservative Christians Are Missing In the Climate Change Debate

President Trump’s recent decision to abandon the Paris climate accord has many people on the left and the right screaming. I have to confess that I’m tired of the political railing from both sides of the political spectrum. I want to be concerned with things far deeper. Yet, as a Christian concerned first with the Great Commission rather than my … Learn More