From the Laws of Physics to Jesus Christ

The laws of physics are explanations of phenomenon related to the creation, substance, and maintaining of the material universe. In order for the universe to be birthed and develop into the condition it is now, it had to be birthed according to a set of laws. Therefore, the laws of physics precede the creation of the material universe. Since the … Learn More

Natural Disasters Are Part Of God’s Fine-Tuning To Support Life On Earth

In follow up to my recent article on Functional Good & Evil, I’d like to present a brief explanation on how natural disasters are good for life on earth. Earthquakes Earthquakes and volcanos have two important roles in making earth fit for life. They are responsible for removing excess carbon in the atmosphere and for combining elements underground that form … Learn More

Robin Williams And Six Inescapable Truths About Sin And Depression

The tragic suicide of Robin Williams left Americans grieving for one of its most beloved entertainers. Soon, media outlets and social media were discussing depression, its effects, and its role in suicide. Some Christian bloggers took the position that depression is a sin. As someone who has experienced bipolar depression I have my own perspective on the issue. To be … Learn More

Harmonizing Science & The Bible

Many western Christians have difficulty harmonizing what they know about science with the Bible. Since the spread darwinism many Christians find their faith challenged by concepts such as the Big Bang, macro-evolution, and even historical sciences like archaeology. Some expositors take the position that anything within science that runs contrary to their understanding of the Bible means that the science … Learn More

I Will Live On Another Planet And So Will You

Geeks the world over are having spasms over the release of new science fiction and fantasy shows this year. Of great interest is the new Star Trek movie, the 50th anniversary episode of the British hit, Doctor Who, and the release of new scifi hits, Defiance, Revelation, and other scifi releases. On top of that there are many scifi and fantasy fans attending annual conventions, dressed as … Learn More

Was Jesus Married?

A recent news item about Jesus and marriage has a lot of people speculating. Was Jesus married? Here’s the skinny, from a September 19, 2012 Washington Post article: “A newly revealed piece of papyrus offers fresh evidence that some early Christians believed Jesus was married, according to a Harvard Divinity School professor. Four words written in Coptic on a fourth-century … Learn More

Looking For Alien Life…Found It

There’s plenty of Internet buzz around the discovery of a new planet, Gliese 581g, some 20 light years from Earth. The buzz started with speculation that the newly discovered rocky world, which orbits in the so called “habitable zone” around its star, may have conditions right for life to develop if it hasn’t developed already. In fact, the planet’s discoverer, … Learn More