Prosperity Gospel is the Socialism of Religion

Challenged by my pastor, Chuck Auschwitz of Conway First Baptist Church in Orlando, I’d like to present a brief comparison of two world views that at first would seem to be dissimilar, but upon deeper reflection, have a set of core values or beliefs that are identical. These world views are political Socialism and Prosperity Gospel; both, which I hate. … Learn More

Miraculous Healing: Where Are The Former Amputees?

In 2006, an itinerate evangelist held a series of large rallies in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia to share the Gospel. At that time, I was Managing Director of Eagle Television in Mongolia. We decided not to take part in promoting or reporting on the event because I believed the evangelist taught elements of Prosperity doctrine. Thousands of people came to the events, … Learn More

Teleportation is not a Spiritual Gift

Have you heard this one? It’s a relatively new claim by some in the Faith movement in the last few years, and it’s a whopper. In a nutshell, there are a few preachers teaching…get ready. Are you ready? Here it comes. Some preachers are teaching that teleportation is a spiritual gift. No, this is not a joke. What is worse … Learn More

The Show Must Go On, Regardless

I recently read an article in Christian Ministry Magazine about the television work of Joel Osteen and Phil Cooke. For those unfamiliar, Joel Osteen pastors the largest church in the United States with some 40,000 attendees. Phil Cooke is widely know in television and movie circles as an excellent producer who helps bring Christian TV productions up to Hollywood standards. … Learn More

Prosperity Gospel: How We Approach The Scriptures

How do you approach the Bible? How do you know that your approach to the Bible gleans the most accurate understanding of the scripture? Do you simply open and read and see what you are impressed with? Or do you have a set of assumptions that guide your approach to God’s word? In fact, everyone approaches the Bible with a … Learn More

The Necessity of Sin and Guilt

After writing my article, The Truth About Truth, I felt that something was missing. There were a small number people upset with the article, but as might be predicted, they were people who had trouble with the idea of absolute or objective truth. Since I’ve brought it up, let me touch on one aspect of objective truth verses subjective truth. I read … Learn More

Idols and the Christian God

Are you an idol worshiper? What place do idols or images have in your religious life? What light does the Bible shine on idol worship or veneration? Many people in traditional and tribal religious systems around the world use idols or images as part of their religious devotion. Even some Christians, longing to have their Christianity be relevant to their … Learn More

New Survey of Mongolian Christians: Troubling Signs of Syncretism

In July 2011 AMONG Mongolia initiated a research project to learn about the condition of the Mongolian church as related to syncretism. The survey was conducted by Mongolia’s Press Institute using a set of questions provided by AMONG Mongolia. Our goal was to discover if there are traditional religious practices not related to Christianity that have been combined with Christian … Learn More

That’s Impact II: The Breakdown

Remember the survey that I wrote about last week? We had Press Institute break down the answers into different religious groups to get a better understanding of the religious culture and how individuals use Eagle TV. There is some startling new information. Here’s what Buddhists and Christians had to say about terminology. Keep in mind that “Burhan” and “Tenger” are … Learn More