Ask Tom: What Is Apophatic Prayer?

“Tom, what is apophatic prayer, and is it biblical?” – Lynn Thank you for asking this question. Some people may look at this question and wonder, along with you, what apophatic prayer is. This is not a term which is familiar to most Christians. So, let me tackle your question first with a brief description of apophatic prayer and then … Learn More

The Prayer To Nowhere

Sometimes I hate to pray. There. I said it. I know that there are times in my life when I pray that the Lord will confront me with something that needs attention. Why can’t I have the “feel good,” prayers, the “peaceful” prayers, the prayers of “wisdom” and “revelation?” Today I’ve been reading in Colossians, going through its verses again … Learn More

You Want To Approach God? Who Do You Think You Are?

Some people regard the God of the Old Testament as a judgmental God. Yet, in the book of Exodus God begins to make a way for the people to approach God, or rather, more importantly, for God to approach the people. Notice this progression in the book of Exodus about how people approach God. In Exodus 19:10-13. God tells the … Learn More

Hearing The Audible Voice Of God

Have you ever heard God speak to you audibly? Surprisingly, according to a study by Tanya Marie Luhrmann, a psychological anthropologist, roughly 10 percent of Christians claim to have had an audible experience with God. And as she notes in an article on CNN, this does not mean that those who have this experience are crazy or abnormal. Has Jesus … Learn More