A Missionary’s Most Difficult Task: Releasing His Kids

I’ll never forget the day my friend Karl called to tell me he was leaving Mongolia, never to return. We were planning to work on a ministry project together. Then, it seemed out of the blue, he decided to leave. When I asked him why, he said, “We really miss our kids.” Karl had a thriving ministry, spoke the language … Learn More

Real Teams, Real Goals, Real Transformation

When you are a missionary working in a foreign country the amount of materials and training resources you sometimes have can be a bit limited (minus the annual trip the States to pillage the local bookstore). So those in the missionary community rely upon one another to share their experiences, wisdom, and philosophy to help further their work. Such was … Learn More

Persecution and Persistence

I started reading Persecution by David Limbaugh this week. I realize that the book may be nearly two years old, but as I said earlier, my access to good western books is sometimes limited by my location in Mongolia. Limbaugh begins the book with dramatic accounts of students across America who have been persecuted for their Christian faith. That persecution … Learn More