All Religions, Except Christianity, Have One Thing In Common

What are you looking for in a religion? By involving yourself in religious belief or an organization, what do you hope to gain? My experience with people from all over the world has revealed to me a single truth: People choose a religion for what they can get out of it. Very rarely do people take up a religious view … Learn More

The Superiority of Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ is superior to all religious founders, teachers, philosophers, and ideologies. The American Heritage Dictionary defines Superior as, “Higher than another in rank, station, or authority, or a higher nature or kind, of great value, excellence, extraordinary.”Beginning with this common and well accepted definition, examining the world’s most significant religious and philosophical figures, and comparing them to Jesus Christ, … Learn More

“People Only Believe What Their Culture Tells Them About Religion.” Wanna Bet?

Have you seen those memes on social media about the one true religion? They usually go something like this: “Out of the thousands of religions that exist, the only one you were exposed to as a child is the only ‘true’ religion? What an amazing coincidence!” Reality check. All over the world, people are abandoning their ‘true religion’ for Jesus … Learn More

Sometimes Free Speech Means We Should Shut Up

I’ve gotten some pushback from my recent article, The Error Of Confronting Islam, from those concerned with the differences between political free speech and the biblical notion of free speech. Therefore, I’d like to clarify my position here. A little background is in order. During my radio days in New Mexico (1988-1994) I took on the task of doing daily … Learn More

The Error Of Confronting Islam

The latest shooting by potential Islamic terrorists at an art event depicting artist’s representations of Mohammad has some Americans flag-waving for freedom of speech and singing God Bless America. What is wrong with us? I’m all for flag-waving and God Bless America, but where is the wisdom in purposefully doing something that you know will make enemies and possibly incite … Learn More

Preparing for Battle in the Immutable Future

Recently I’ve been enjoying the book, Christianity on the Offense: Responding to the Spiritual Beliefs of Seekers, by Dan Story. It’s always good to learn something about the competition, so to speak, and I occasionally read such books to keep me up to date on worldview issues. The pages I read today, however, got me thinking not about the worldviews … Learn More

Buddhism & Christianity: Fear vs. Passion

I spoke at a brunch yesterday at Valley View Baptist Church in Snowflake, Arizona, at the morning service at First Southern in St. John’s, and the evening service at First Baptist in Overgaard. In addition to talking about the work of Eagle TV in Mongolia I taught on the subject of how Animism and Buddhism has influenced Mongolian culture, and … Learn More