Sometimes Free Speech Means We Should Shut Up

I’ve gotten some pushback from my recent article, The Error Of Confronting Islam, from those concerned with the differences between political free speech and the biblical notion of free speech. Therefore, I’d like to clarify my position here. A little background is in order. During my radio days in New Mexico (1988-1994) I took on the task of doing daily … Learn More

The Error Of Confronting Islam

The latest shooting by potential Islamic terrorists at an art event depicting artist’s representations of Mohammad has some Americans flag-waving for freedom of speech and singing God Bless America. What is wrong with us? I’m all for flag-waving and God Bless America, but where is the wisdom in purposefully doing something that you know will make enemies and possibly incite … Learn More

The Quran & Science

Hindsight is 20/20 Since the advent of modern science, there has been a rush of many within religious communities to evaluate their faith according to scientific discoveries to see if there might be any previously undiscovered proofs that their beliefs are true. Christians and Muslims have been especially diligent in this regard, having published volumes of work on why certain … Learn More

Mohammad’s Injeel

Where Is The Injeel? There has been much discussion and controversy between Muslims and Christians regarding the identity of the Injeel (Gospel). Muslims, taking their cues from the Quran and traditional Islamic teachings, regard the true Injeel (as refered to in the Quran) to be lost, a document no longer in existence. Some have regarded the currently known Gospels of … Learn More

Does Allah Love Me?

Many of the concepts taught within the Quran appear at their surface to be quite similar, if not the same, to concepts in the Injeel (Gospels). This is certainly true regarding teachings about many moral standards and codes of personal behavior. However, the basic fundamentals of each faith differ sharply. Probably the most important difference is the teaching about God’s … Learn More

Stories From The Gospel Of Thomas In The Quran

“The Gospel of Thomas” doesn’t say anything about Mohammad, but it does contain several stories also found the in Quran. “Thomas” is considered a work of fiction. Why does the Quran quote sections from “Thomas” as history? In the Quran we read a remarkable test that is given to confirm that Allah was its author. “This Quran could not have … Learn More