I Know What You’re Afraid Of And How To Overcome It

I know what you are afraid of. I’ve been there myself. I understand what it means to have spiritual fear. Maybe you’e never heard it put that way before, but you know what those fears are. They range from simply sharing Jesus with a person you’ve just met to suffering for your faith. Living in the modern world, in a … Learn More

Why There Is Hope For The Next Generation

Last year while attending Cru’s biennial staff conference I watched a presentation on what it takes to reach different generations, mainly millennials, with the Gospel of Jesus. Part of the presentation was sourced from a book titled, Real Life: A Christianity Worth Living Out” by James Choung. In his book, Choung portrays each generation as being defined by an overarching spiritual … Learn More

The Great Commission Was Not A New Idea

Did you know that when Jesus gave the Great Commission to his disciples in Matthew 28 that he was not telling them something completely new? In fact, when Jesus gave the Great Commission he was not only giving the disciples something spiritual, it was something that also had vast political implications. Here’s a little background on the Great Commission and … Learn More

“American Christianity Has Failed.” No, It Hasn’t, and Here’s Why

Stephen Mattson of Sojourners has written a scathing article accusing “White evangelicals” and more broadly, American Christianity, of failing to do what Jesus has commanded relative to the poor, needy, and refugees. Like many liberal writers who lambast conservatives or Christians, Mattson has painted American Christianity with a broad brush of condemnation based upon what is not only a foundationally … Learn More

“People Only Believe What Their Culture Tells Them About Religion.” Wanna Bet?

Have you seen those memes on social media about the one true religion? They usually go something like this: “Out of the thousands of religions that exist, the only one you were exposed to as a child is the only ‘true’ religion? What an amazing coincidence!” Reality check. All over the world, people are abandoning their ‘true religion’ for Jesus … Learn More

Reversing Decline Takes Three Things

Western society is in decline, along with the church. But that decline is coupled with problems in two other areas of society. To see church decline reverse, we must revitalize two things: work and family. Allow me to explain why. Most Bible teachers divide the Ten Commandments into two sections: our relationship with God (Exodus 20:1-11) and our relationship with … Learn More