A “Silent Witness” For Christ Is No Witness At All

Have you ever heard someone say that they witness by what they do rather than by what they say? This usually goes along with the argument that people need to see us living for Christ and we should not say anything until we are living right. Let me say it right up front. The silent witness for Christ is no … Learn More

Yes, I’m Going To Push My Religion On You. Here’s Why

Are you one of those people who gets offended or stand-off-ish when a Christian wants to share his or her faith with you? Well, I’m one of those Christians. I want to share my faith with you. But you may think that I’m just pushing my religion or values on you. I have a message for you. That’s exactly what … Learn More

Caesar’s Household

“Greet every saint in Christ Jesus. The brothers who are with me greet you. All the saints greet you, especially those of Caesar’s household” (Philippians 4:21-22).  Why do you suppose Paul said this? Did you catch Paul’s sneaky little mention of Caesar’s household? Normally Paul’s greetings would be of the saints greeting one another. And that element is here in … Learn More

To Show The Love Of Jesus, He Wanted To Scrub Toilets At A Porn Shop

Brian Clark isn’t your average Christian. He doesn’t spend his time on social media railing against the immoralities of the world or politics. He’s not holding picket signs in front of Planned Parenthood. Instead, he takes them a box of chocolates and a carefully worded, loving note, and hands them to the receptionist at the abortion clinic. And while 20 … Learn More

When Your Faith Isn’t Public, It’s Not Likely To Be Private Either

When your faith isn’t public, it’s not likely to be private either. Let me explain. The notion of a “private faith” is a very western, even a very American idea. We’ve all heard someone say, “My faith is a private matter between me and God.” This is usually used as a reason why someone doesn’t share their faith or live … Learn More

Christian Media: Is It Really Christian Without The Gospel?

What does it mean to share the Gospel of Christ? Have you given much thought to that? If you were talking with an unbelieving friend and he asked you what the Gospel was, how would you respond? Take a moment to think through that question. Your friend could receive Jesus right now. But what do you tell him? I’ve been … Learn More

It’s Why I Am A Missionary And Why John Allen Chau Died

I am reflecting on the death of missionary John Allen Chau. According to NPR, Chau was a “26-year-old American missionary who was killed by indigenous people this month after sneaking onto North Sentinel Island in the Bay of Bengal.” Chau wanted nothing more than to share the love of Jesus with the people whom he hoped to reach. But before … Learn More