The Most Important Job In The World

If you are involved in ministry, whether personally on your free time, or professionally, you are doing the most important work in the world. That is not an exaggeration.  Many times after our ministry in Mongolia separated from Eagle TV and became AMONG Mongolia I had been called by representatives from Eagle TV asking to use our ministry airtime for … Learn More

Knowing What You Mean

When you talk to someone about Jesus does the person listening understand what you mean? This was a powerful lesson I learned when I served for 10 years in Mongolia. Many missionaries in Mongolia experience a unique phenomenon when witnessing to some Mongolians. In fact, this phenomenon is not unusual for others to experience as well. Some missionaries report that … Learn More

A Complete Bible Study Is Transformational

Here’s a four-part tidbit about Bible study. How do you know when you’ve successfully explored a passage of scripture? Any Bible study that is to be personally effective has four elements. Take a look and ask yourself if these four elements are part of your regular approach to God’s word.Effective Bible study requires examination. This includes reading the text, but also … Learn More