The Problem With Progressive Christianity

For many years there has been the notion among some people that American Christianity is too concerned with doctrine and theology and less concerned with helping the needy and oppressed of society. This narrative, to a degree successfully promulgated, was fostered by those with a liberal mindset toward Christianity. More importantly, within the church community this narrative has been embraced … Learn More

Christianity Doesn’t Have To Be That Hard

The book of Leviticus can be a difficult read. It is filled with laws and regulations about ceremonial sacrifices, leprosy and health codes, dietary restrictions, and commands about relationships and sexual sins. In my early exploration of Christianity I was discouraged by reading texts like Leviticus, worried I could never measure up to what it taught. If that was Christianity, … Learn More

Bible Contradictions: Works & The Works Of The Law

Why does the Bible contradict itself when Paul says we are not justified by works, but James says we are justified by works? First, we must define what the writers mean by their use of the word, “Works.” Paul and James actually use the word in a different way and in a different context than a cursory reading might reveal. … Learn More

Does It Help Fulfill The Great Commission?

I sat before Dr. Bill Bright, founder and president of Campus Crusade for Christ. I was presenting a project we wanted to do with his syndicated radio program that we felt would draw in some audience. It was my first time presenting to Dr. Bright. I stumbled a bit through the presentation, out of nervousness. He stopped me and said, … Learn More

The Ten Commandments Were Not New Information

In a recent Facebook post I asked the question, “How could Cain be guilty of murder when there was no law against murder?” A few people answered the challenge, but no one really had a specific answer of how Cain could be guilty of breaking a law against murder when no law existed. Such an objection goes to the heart … Learn More

Buddhism & Christianity Are Not Compatible. Here’s Why

While reviewing some information about Buddhism this week I ran across an article advocating for cooperative efforts between Buddhists and Christians. The author of the article, the late Bhikkhu Buddhasdasa, argued that Buddhism and Christianity teach many of the same things and therefore should naturally partner together for their common religious interests. This is nothing short of intentional syncretism, which … Learn More