Does Marriage Mean Anything?

“Let marriage be held in honor among all” (Hebrews 13:4). During a recent conversation I was challenged by the statement, “Marriage doesn’t mean anything. It’s a piece of paper. It actually takes more commitment to live with someone than it does to marry them. I’d rather know I’m committed to that person because everyday I choose to stay, rather than … Learn More

Functioning In Another Culture: What You Need To Know

A friend of mine recently sent me a link on Facebook to a presentation called, Myth And American Values. In it, the author compares 13 values in American society and compares them with counterpart values found in other cultures. As I went through the brief presentation that strong light of recognition went through me as I compared the values of Americans with … Learn More

You Are Not Speaking To A Christian Culture

Every few days my youngest daughter, Whitney comes to me with a series of written questions about the Bible. We review the passages together, discuss her understanding of the issues being presented, and then I share with her my interpretation of the events in the narrative. Something that takes place regularly has me thinking about our culture. You see, there … Learn More

The Godliness of Shame

Last week’s revelation that National Evangelical Association President Ted Haggard may have been involved in drug use and homosexual activity came days before Coloradoans go to the polls to decide whether or not same-sex marriage should be legal. While the political relationships of the scandal are clear to most people who are paying attention, what is not made clear by … Learn More

New Survey of Mongolian Christians: Troubling Signs of Syncretism

In July 2011 AMONG Mongolia initiated a research project to learn about the condition of the Mongolian church as related to syncretism. The survey was conducted by Mongolia’s Press Institute using a set of questions provided by AMONG Mongolia. Our goal was to discover if there are traditional religious practices not related to Christianity that have been combined with Christian … Learn More

Thanksgiving: Like No Other Holiday

More than any other, Thanksgiving embodies both religious and political freedoms, and puts them in their proper place. Of the numerous holidays Americans celebrate each year, Thanksgiving is uniquely American, and uniquely Christian. In the early 1600s a small group of devoutly religious men and women sought to worship God according to the dictates of their consciences. These Pilgrims broke … Learn More

Christ & Culture or Culture & Christ?

It was with disappointment that I read this article from Thaindian News: Indianised Version of the Bible Hit Among Christians. The new Catholic translation of the Bible, which apparently went on sale in India this month, has sold like hotcakes, with 15,000 grabbed up in just 10 days. Those are big numbers. It’s also a big problem. Apparently the new … Learn More