Evolution vs. Intelligent Design: Philosophy or History?

I’m wondering how much of the creation/evolution debate is caught up in the labels of “Evolution,” “Creation,” and “Intelligent Design.” I say this because of the popularly understood notions of what these labels mean. While you personally may not regard evolution as beginning with the idea that God does not (or must not) exist the published works indicate that the … Learn More

Ask Tom: Why Is Young Earth Creationism Pseudoscientific?

During a discussion on creationism I was asked the question, “Why is young earth creationism pseudoscientific in your view?”  Allow me to explain. Have you ever seen this photo? Here is a great example of what speech says and what it means. The meaning of the sign is that the parking space is reserved for vehicles that use electric or … Learn More

Ask Tom: Is The Earth Really Young Or Old?

Tom: I am writing about your belief in an old earth. Do you still believe what you wrote? As a fellow Christian, I am always concerned when one takes a position that is unimportant to the Gospel and often causes unnecessary divisiveness in the church. Recent scientific discoveries contradict your post. Age [of the earth/universe] is pretty much impossible to … Learn More

The Great Creation Cop Out. What Passes For Evidence Among Creationists

Let’s be honest for a moment and acknowledge something about creationism that we all know. To most unbelievers, creationists seem, not just ignorant, but downright silly. And while it may be easy to label a nonbeliever as having his heart and mind darkened by vain philosophy or a lack of knowledge about creationism, the reality is that for most of … Learn More

Theology, Philosophy, and Science Are All About Truth

I’ve been reading recently on the subjects of theology, philosophy, and science, especially where issues of cosmic origins are concerned. One of the things that is always brought up in debates over origins are supposed scientific quotes from the Bible, and discoveries in science that would seem to contradict the Bible. Meanwhile, the philosophic try to make sense of both. … Learn More

Creation Wasn’t A Miracle: A Perspective On The Appearance Of Age

I recently joined a Facebook group that explores evidences for creationism. The group is composed of members with many different views on creationism, but the two most vocal are Young Earth Creationism (YEC) and Old Earth Creationism (OEC). The debates that take place are often acrimonious and based upon simplistic understandings of science and theology. In one such thread there … Learn More

Why Science Can Help Us Understand The Bible

I recently joined a group on Facebook that discusses scientific evidences for creation. While the purpose of the group is discussion about how the natural world points to a Creator for all things, very often the group is engaged in heated discussions over young-earth and old-earth creationism. The debates can be heated, and even have a lot of venom, which … Learn More