Together Through The Bible

In 2008-2009 while managing Eagle Television in Mongolia, I hosted two seasons of the Bible study program, Together Through The Bible. Upon its first release the program pulled great audience numbers. Many thousands of people were encouraged by the programs and 15,000 Bible studies matching the programs were distributed. Now, nearly all of those episodes of Together Through The Bible are available on Youtube … Learn More

God Loves You This Much…And You’re Not Going To Believe It

I have a passage of scripture to share with you that if you take time to dwell upon it, it will radically transform your view of God, and even your life. This is not a cliche or overstatement. It is transformative. But you will miss it if you only consider what the passage says in English. Understanding it requires a … Learn More

Are We Obligated To Keep The Sabbath?

The writings of the Apostle Paul would seem to be clear that Christians do not need to observe the ceremonial and legal practices of the Mosaic Law. This point is brought out whenever there are debates about certain commands in the law—whether or not they were overturned by Jesus and are no longer applicable to Christians today. Here are three: … Learn More

When Does The Holy Spirit Make His Presence Known?

In the scripture, when do we see the Holy Spirit active the most? The answer is that we see him most often during various beginnings. In other words, we see him at Jesus’ conception, Jesus’ baptism, and so on. The Holy Spirit is at these beginnings: creation, Jesus’ conception, Jesus’ trial in the desert, Pentecost, the gentile believers speaking in … Learn More