What do people recognize about you? I’ve been recognized from my association with a TV station in Mongolia. During my New Mexico days I was recognized for my radio work and political involvement. During my radio career I was recognized for my voice. I’ve even been recognized as the husband of Diane and the father of Stefani, Rochele, and Whitney. … Learn More

A Missionary’s Most Difficult Task: Releasing His Kids

I’ll never forget the day my friend Karl called to tell me he was leaving Mongolia, never to return. We were planning to work on a ministry project together. Then, it seemed out of the blue, he decided to leave. When I asked him why, he said, “We really miss our kids.” Karl had a thriving ministry, spoke the language … Learn More

When to Unify and When to Separate

If there is one topic or theme that prevails throughout the book of I Corinthians it is unity. I Corinthians deals with many significant and difficult issues including leadership, wisdom, spiritual growth, marriage and divorce, spiritual gifts, love, and the resurrection of the body. But one of the themes that runs through the book is unity. The Apostle Paul, the … Learn More

Living Daily in the Power of the Resurrection

To continue with my theme from the last week’s series of blogs about the resurrection, there’s one more entry I’d like to post about what the resurrection does for us. My most recent post was The Revolutionary Resurrection. In that post was a section called, “The Resurrection Reverses the Garden Curse.” I’d like to dig a little more deeply into … Learn More

Darnel It All

Had a great time at church this afternoon looking at a large number of verses about God’s sovereignty over all creation, and the supremacy of Christ. Our service time was spent looking through scriptures and discussing how people often perceive the Gospel. We went through so many passages this afternoon that I lost count, but the one in particular stuck … Learn More