The Most Important Job In The World

If you are involved in ministry, whether personally on your free time, or professionally, you are doing the most important work in the world. That is not an exaggeration.  Many times after our ministry in Mongolia separated from Eagle TV and became AMONG Mongolia I had been called by representatives from Eagle TV asking to use our ministry airtime for … Learn More

Finding The Truest Expression Of Christianity

I recently watched an interesting documentary about four college students who took a trip to Europe for the purpose of discovering true Christianity. Entitled, Beware Of Christians, the college students went traveling about Europe to see how Christianity was practiced and what made it different from their American expression of Christianity. Their purpose was to try and discover what might … Learn More

The Church Is Doing Just Fine, Thank You

American society is in decline. There’s no denying the obvious. It doesn’t matter if we examine our political influence or our spiritual history, there is no denying that America is in decline. America will eventually go the way of all nations. That is not to be pessimistic, it is simply an historical observation. Those who care deeply for their country … Learn More


What do people recognize about you? I’ve been recognized from my association with a TV station in Mongolia. During my New Mexico days I was recognized for my radio work and political involvement. During my radio career I was recognized for my voice. I’ve even been recognized as the husband of Diane and the father of Stefani, Rochele, and Whitney. … Learn More

A Missionary’s Most Difficult Task: Releasing His Kids

I’ll never forget the day my friend Karl called to tell me he was leaving Mongolia, never to return. We were planning to work on a ministry project together. Then, it seemed out of the blue, he decided to leave. When I asked him why, he said, “We really miss our kids.” Karl had a thriving ministry, spoke the language … Learn More