Why County Clerk Kim Davis Is A Hero

The ruckus over Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis has lit up social media. She’s the latest victim in the federal government’s efforts that cause many Christians to take a stand for their religious freedom. The Supreme Court ruled that Davis must issue marriage licenses to homosexual and lesbian couples. In defiance of that order, Davis made it clear she would … Learn More

Why Are Christians So Dang Political?

Why are conservative Christians so big on traditional values? It’s because we recognize that family, marriage, hard work, and sacrifice are foundational to a society. Our purpose is not to create a theocracy or force the country to become, politically, a Christian nation. Rather, it is to create a healthy society that is known for good, and truth, and respect. … Learn More

Where Is God’s Wonderful Plan For My Life?

“God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life.”  “Oh yeah? Says who?” A suffering person asked. “Where is God’s wonderful plan when I have cancer?” The person whose spouse abandoned them for another: “Where is God’s wonderful plan?” “My kid is in prison and I lost my job. Where is God’s wonderful plan?” “My son was killed … Learn More

The Ten Commandments Were Not New Information

In a recent Facebook post I asked the question, “How could Cain be guilty of murder when there was no law against murder?” A few people answered the challenge, but no one really had a specific answer of how Cain could be guilty of breaking a law against murder when no law existed. Such an objection goes to the heart … Learn More

Your Second Most Important Possession

Do you know what your first, most important possession is? The Bible tells us it is wisdom (Proverbs 4:7).  But do you know what your second most important possession is? I’d like to suggest that it is information.  Without wisdom we would be doomed to use whatever information we have wrongly, mistakenly, or sinfully. But there is no denying that … Learn More

Sometimes Free Speech Means We Should Shut Up

I’ve gotten some pushback from my recent article, The Error Of Confronting Islam, from those concerned with the differences between political free speech and the biblical notion of free speech. Therefore, I’d like to clarify my position here. A little background is in order. During my radio days in New Mexico (1988-1994) I took on the task of doing daily … Learn More