Does It Help Fulfill The Great Commission?

I sat before Dr. Bill Bright, founder and president of Campus Crusade for Christ. I was presenting a project we wanted to do with his syndicated radio program that we felt would draw in some audience. It was my first time presenting to Dr. Bright. I stumbled a bit through the presentation, out of nervousness. He stopped me and said, … Learn More

Religion Really Divides People, So Stop Making Excuses

Religion divides people. Let me say up front that I am using the word religion in two senses. First, as meaning what you personally believe about spiritual things and how you live that out, practically, in the world around you. Second, I mean organized religion, and yes, this includes our evangelical churches and associations. Third, I am using the word … Learn More

A Missional Response To Accepting Syrian Refugees

I have only a few random thoughts about the Syrian refugee crisis. My perspective is not political, rather, it is missional. While I understand that ISIS fighters could be entering the States posing as refugees, I think there are larger things at stake. For my purposes, this post address believers in Jesus Christ and how we, as a faith community, … Learn More

Solomon Killed His Brother, And Guess What Jesus Will Do?

Have you ever wondered why the Old Testament tells stories of Israeli kings who killed the other members of their royal families? In ages past it was a practice used to prevent other family members, usually brothers or other male members, from attempting to seize the throne from the reigning brother. However, it was not always done with Israeli kings. … Learn More

Why County Clerk Kim Davis Is A Hero

The ruckus over Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis has lit up social media. She’s the latest victim in the federal government’s efforts that cause many Christians to take a stand for their religious freedom. The Supreme Court ruled that Davis must issue marriage licenses to homosexual and lesbian couples. In defiance of that order, Davis made it clear she would … Learn More