Reversing Decline Takes Three Things

Western society is in decline, along with the church. But that decline is coupled with problems in two other areas of society. To see church decline reverse, we must revitalize two things: work and family. Allow me to explain why. Most Bible teachers divide the Ten Commandments into two sections: our relationship with God (Exodus 20:1-11) and our relationship with … Learn More

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching the documentary, Patterns Of Evidence: Exodus. It was recently released on iTunes. So far, I’ve watched it twice. It was fascinating to learn about the many archeological discoveries that lend strong support to the Exodus story in the Bible.  Perhaps you’ve heard that there is no archeological evidence to support the accounts of the lives of Joseph and Moses … Learn More

The Bible Is My Constitution And Jesus Is My King

I recently posted on Facebook a short statement about my feelings regarding the Bible and Jesus. To me it was a straight forward, simple statement about God being the supreme affection in my life. The statement read, “The Bible is my constitution and Jesus is my king.” But what I thought was a simple statement turned into a bit of … Learn More

The Ten Commandments Were Not New Information

In a recent Facebook post I asked the question, “How could Cain be guilty of murder when there was no law against murder?” A few people answered the challenge, but no one really had a specific answer of how Cain could be guilty of breaking a law against murder when no law existed. Such an objection goes to the heart … Learn More

Your Second Most Important Possession

Do you know what your first, most important possession is? The Bible tells us it is wisdom (Proverbs 4:7).  But do you know what your second most important possession is? I’d like to suggest that it is information.  Without wisdom we would be doomed to use whatever information we have wrongly, mistakenly, or sinfully. But there is no denying that … Learn More

The Most Important Job In The World

If you are involved in ministry, whether personally on your free time, or professionally, you are doing the most important work in the world. That is not an exaggeration.  Many times after our ministry in Mongolia separated from Eagle TV and became AMONG Mongolia I had been called by representatives from Eagle TV asking to use our ministry airtime for … Learn More

Finding The Truest Expression Of Christianity

I recently watched an interesting documentary about four college students who took a trip to Europe for the purpose of discovering true Christianity. Entitled, Beware Of Christians, the college students went traveling about Europe to see how Christianity was practiced and what made it different from their American expression of Christianity. Their purpose was to try and discover what might … Learn More

It’s Critical To Tell The Bible’s Story

When it comes to sharing the Gospel of Jesus there is one strategy that has resounding success in seeing people come to Christ: Bible story-telling. What is Bible story-telling? Simply put, Bible story-telling is a strategy of sharing the whole Bible’s story with a community or people group to give the target audience a historical understanding of who Jesus is … Learn More