Most Popular Articles For 2020

2020 has been a great year for our website. Here’s the top ten articles visited during 2020. Enjoy. 1.) Five Levels of Closeness with God 2.) Understanding the Sin of Ham 3.) Stories From the Gospel of Thomas in the Quran 4.) The Garden of Eden Wasn’t Perfect 5.) Why The Rapture Won’t Happen Today, And Why It Won’t Happen … Learn More

Together Through The Bible

In 2008-2009 while managing Eagle Television in Mongolia, I hosted two seasons of the Bible study program, Together Through The Bible. Upon its first release the program pulled great audience numbers. Many thousands of people were encouraged by the programs and 15,000 Bible studies matching the programs were distributed. Now, nearly all of those episodes of Together Through The Bible are available on Youtube … Learn More

Missing From The Bible. Nine Things Jesus Never Said

Here are nine things Jesus never said: (1) I am God(2) I created the universe(3) I am higher than the government(4) Worship me(5) Pray to me(6) Go to church(7) Read the Bible(8) Tithe(9) Hate the sin, but love the sinner If you’re confronted with one or more of these “facts,” be prepared to offer the defense that Jesus may have … Learn More

Does The Bible Permit Same-Sex Attraction?

This article about same-sex attraction is an exploration of the idea that same-sex attraction is not biblically sinful, though acts of homosexuality are sinful. There is at present a movement of Christians arguing that same-sex attraction is not condemned in scripture because there is a difference between same-sex attraction and same-sex desire or lust. This article is not about the … Learn More

How Do You Know The Bible Isn’t A Myth?

Throughout 5,000 years of recorded human history virtually every culture has had some kind of mythos regarding the supernatural world. In fact, Judaism, and later Christianity, sprang from a group of stories about the supernatural world and its impact on Israeli society. All of the ancient religious myths have fallen into obscurity, but Judaism and Christianity remain. Yet here is … Learn More