The Coming Christian Persecution

The institutionalization of sin always results in the persecution of those who hold that sin as destructive. Rome had institutionalized murder in the gladiatorial games. Christians were often thrown to the lions and murdered by gladiators.  The United States institutionalized the murder of unborn children. Those who protest or who try to save the lives of the unborn can be … Learn More

Hey Atheist, God Is All-Loving. But Not In The Way You Think

Regarding the problem of evil, the atheist objects saying, “How can God be all-knowing and all-loving and let evil exist?” Underlying the atheist’s mindset is not that God is all-loving, rather, it assumes that a moral God must be only-loving. In fact, God possesses the full range of emotions and intellectual capacity as man, more so, thus, saying God is all-loving … Learn More

Why Should Atheists Consider Theism?

Why should an atheist consider theism?  In Theism there is evidence. Christianity is not a philosophy or a belief system without historical roots. Everything that a person is asked to believe about Jesus Christ is founded upon the evidences of witnesses. The Bible never asks a person to “Just have faith” without evidence to back it up. Jesus never asked … Learn More

That Granite Atheist Monument Is Hollow

On July 1st a New Jersey based atheist group, American Atheists, erected a 1,500 pound monument outside the Bradford County Courthouse in Florida.⁠1 On the front of the monument are words by the famous 20th century atheist, Madalyn Murray O’Hair. In the name of equality the monument and bench were erected because the Florida courthouse refused to remove another monument, … Learn More