Ask Tom: Why Is Young Earth Creationism Pseudoscientific?

During a discussion on creationism I was asked the question, “Why is young earth creationism pseudoscientific in your view?”  Allow me to explain. Have you ever seen this photo? Here is a great example of what speech says and what it means. The meaning of the sign is that the parking space is reserved for vehicles that use electric or … Learn More

Ask Tom: Is The Earth Really Young Or Old?

Tom: I am writing about your belief in an old earth. Do you still believe what you wrote? As a fellow Christian, I am always concerned when one takes a position that is unimportant to the Gospel and often causes unnecessary divisiveness in the church. Recent scientific discoveries contradict your post. Age [of the earth/universe] is pretty much impossible to … Learn More

Ask Tom: What Is Apophatic Prayer?

“Tom, what is apophatic prayer, and is it biblical?” – Lynn Thank you for asking this question. Some people may look at this question and wonder, along with you, what apophatic prayer is. This is not a term which is familiar to most Christians. So, let me tackle your question first with a brief description of apophatic prayer and then … Learn More

Ask Tom: Divorce & Gay Marriage In The Church

Recently, my friend Dave wrote to me about divorce and gay marriage. He wanted to know why churches accept the divorced (though God hates divorce) but don’t accept gay marriage. Here is my response. Dave: Divorce was permitted, Jesus said, because of hardness of heart (Matthew 19:8).  The Bible does not speak, specifically, about gay marriage. But we can make … Learn More