Can America Be Good Again?

Can America be great again? Yes. America can be great again. If we steel our determination and apply the right principles we can fix our economy and be economically great again. 

If we take a sobering look at the evils in the world and be resolute about defeating our enemies then we can be militarily great again. 
If we will take a common sense look at what we are teaching our children and be determined to fix our failing education system, we can be educationally great again.

Yes, America can be great again. But that’s not really the issue, is it? Any country can be great. Greatness is not hard to achieve if we are committed to it. So greatness is not the issue. The issue before us as a nation is more fundamental than that.

Can America be good again? When I ask if America can be good again I’m asking can America be morally good again? Right now, as much as I love America, I cannot say that we are a morally good nation. 

Can a nation be good that has murdered 52 million of its own children in the womb? Can a nation be good that drives religious influence out of its halls of power, leaving a moral vacuum in government? Can a nation be good when nearly half of its people consider electing a woman known for her long and deep seated corruption to the highest office in the land? Can a nation be good that sends money and foreign aid to nations whose people celebrate terror rather than defeat it? Can a nation be good that gives the gay lobby the right to teach homosexuality in public elementary schools? Can a nation be good that removes the Ten Commandments and its influence from public places and courtrooms of its land? Can a nation be good that objectifies women through pornography and racy popular entertainment and exports that to the rest of the world? Can a nation be good when through government programs it drives its minority population to take government benefits that discourage fatherhood, and abandons its children to the street? For all of these reasons and more, can such a nation be good?

We may yet save our economy. We may yet strengthen our military. We may yet save our student’s minds and educate them. We may yet be a great nation again. But greatness is not enough. Every great nation in history has fallen. Some fell to greater nations. Some fell to lesser nations. Greatness is passing. But goodness transcends greatness and without it what does it matter how great we are again? Better to be small and good than great and evil.

America can be great again. But no political candidate or leader can make America good again. Only its people can do that, and only if we rightly realize that we must submit and conform ourselves to the root and source of all goodness—God, Jesus Christ, the Bible. 

Be good America, before all is lost.

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