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Like An Eagle is a biographical account of my ten years in Mongolia with Eagle Television. Eagle TV was Mongolia’s first independent TV station after the fall of communism and the only local Christian TV station on the Asian continent, from the border of Eastern Europe to the Sea of Japan.

Eagle TV began as a unique partnership between a group of Mongolian democrats and a group of South Dakota Christian businessmen. My story picks up in 2002 when I was installed as Managing Director of the company.

Like An Eagle tells the dramatic story of how Mongolian powerbrokers and religious parties attempted to damage and shut down the TV station, and the trials we endured while we openly shared Christ through a unique ministry founded to share the Gospel of Jesus and advocate for freedom of speech, press, and conscience.

In “Like An Eagle” you’ll learn how Eagle TV changed Mongolia, and how it changed my life.

Bible Study/Nonfiction
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A series of Bible studies used to train thousands of people in their faith, now available in a single volume. From the basics of Christian practice to discovering your gifts.

These 36 studies, suitable for individual or group study, take you on a journey from the basic practices and beliefs of the Christian faith to discovering your spiritual gifts and abilities.
Each study is brief, only four-pages long, but uncovers a wealth of information from the scriptures about each topic that is addressed. From assurance of salvation to the uniqueness of Jesus, character studies of the main personalities in the Bible, and a 5-part study on the Stages of Spiritual Growth. These studies will have you hungering to learn more about the Bible, it’s central characters, and how you can grow to become a spiritual man or woman of God.

Bible Study/Nonfiction
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How often do you find yourself acting in a way that you don’t expect or don’t want? Every person faces challenges of character. We want to be good people but often miss the mark. The Christian faces the same struggles of character as anyone else. But the Christian has an advantage in character building—Jesus Christ. It is possible to become the kind of person you hope to be!
Based upon the one of the former top television programs on Eagle TV in Mongolia, Real Imitation takes you through a study of nine character attributes of God and how learning to imitate those attributes can change you life and impact the lives of those around you. It’s more than just an imitation, it’s a real incorporation of godly character traits in your day-to-day life.

Science Fiction
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Fourteen hundred years after the millennial reign of the King has ended, the world still lives in relative peace and safety but has strayed from the principles that led to humankind’s greatest era: the Great Generation. The principal system of faith, Royalism, has degenerated into a politically oriented belief system. In response to the growing threat to their beliefs, factions of the Royalist Social Movement, from the violent to the reformist, seek to restore the principles and former glory of the Great Generation.

High above Terra, connected to the planet by a system of tethers stretching from the surface to sixty-four thousand kilometers in space, the space station City of Heaven is home to more than a million citizens. 

Enter the Ar’chay Order, a radical sect of Royalism determined to force the world to bend its knee, with Ar’chaists assuming the Regency. In a single act they sever the tethers, killing nearly all the inhabitants and sending the city on a collision with Terra where millions more will surely die. 

In space and on Terra, survivors battle for control and the polifaith movement reaches a crisis that threatens to unleash an era of global faith cleansing that will rid the world of Royalism once and for all.

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Is the Great Commission apolitical? The modern missionary movement focuses on personal and group evangelism, straining to avoid political ties. Yet, historically missions work was often facilitated by political powers. Now, in the era when political freedom has seen its greatest advantage and missions is moving farther away from its historic partner, many disciples of missionaries are transforming their countries through new political movements, facilitated by their faith. 

“Faith & Freedom” traces the roots of modern democracy to Christian theological movements and follows the trail back to the present where missions may be taking a new turn—abandoning the concepts of political freedom it founded. Faith & Freedom will give you a wide perspective on the role of the missionary principle through history, and why missionaries may be the most important front-line force for the global advancement of freedom and democracy.

Fiction/Short Stories
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Braxton’s lonely days came to end at the annual Jazz festival when he met Jenneen—dark hair with blonde highlights, radiant skin, a bold confidence, and those two beautiful heads. As Braxton falls for the most unusual woman he’s ever known, he must find a way to maintain his affection, while accepting her horrible sacrifice of love.

Charles Fargo’s desperation for significance leads him to a venture of faith with devastating consequences for his hometown. Caught between the desire to do great things, and his mediocre existence, Charles takes on a simple task—moving a mountain.

Bill Harmond was the perfect employee, and prospective mate, the man all the women at the office wanted—handsome and hard working, a creative thinker with an edge, kind, generous to a fault, a man of impeccable integrity, and the best serial killer the company ever had.

When Shadows Dream: Twilight, journeys through 12 stories where the impossible, improbable, and unthinkable are common day occurrences sparking uncommon reflections.

Science Fiction

Kindle | Book When Della Lopez, a special agent with the Ministry of Philosophy and Justice, violates her oath to the agency by joining a religious cell group, her husband, Brian, orders her memory to be wiped and a new personality implanted. Years later, racked with guilt over what he had done, Brian looks for a way to restore his marriage only to discover Della married another man—a suspected religionist.

With the help of a former convict, Brian kidnaps his ex-wife in hopes of restoring her personae only to discover that she may hold the secret to reviving religious freedoms long suppressed.


Science Fiction
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Fleeing from a catastrophic flood, Secar, Son of Elan begs his tribal gods to rescue him from sure destruction. But when Secar turns up centuries from where he was he begins searching for a way home—thousands of years into the past. To get home Secar will let nothing stand in his way.

Archaeologist Jackson Sears uncovers an unusual platform of stones in the Iraqi desert. During the investigation a colleague is killed. Jackson turns to his trusted friend, Kerian Levinger for help, only to discover that Kerian isn’t what he claims to be and that his presence at the dig site may kill them all. Jackson must weigh friendship, his commitment to the Bible, and the appearance of a madman from the past, if he will save his family and history itself.

History/Bible Study/Nonfiction

In the debate over America’s religious founding, the Christian and non-Christian alike refer to America’s founding documents to support their respective cases for a secular or divine founding for America. However, often left out in the debate are a group of documents that provide a unique insight into the development of American freedom—state constitutions.

America’s first constitutions were filled with references to biblical concepts and beliefs that the state founders wanted reflected in their respective governments. 

American Genesis is a study of the Bible and America’s first state constitutions. Through American Genesis you will get a firm grasp on America’s religious foundations and how the principles encouraged in these documents measure up to a review of the Bible.

American Genesis was written for individual Bible study, but is also well adapted for small groups and home schools.