Stories From The Gospel Of Thomas In The Quran

“The Gospel of Thomas” doesn’t say anything about Mohammad, but it does contain several stories also found the in Quran. “Thomas” is considered a work of fiction. Why does the Quran quote sections from “Thomas” as history? In the Quran we read a remarkable test that is given to confirm that Allah was its author. “This Quran could not have … Learn More

Is The Gospel Of Barnabas Authoritative?

“The Gospel of Barnabas” seems to be a Christian Gospel foretelling the coming of Mohammad. Is it really a Christian Gospel? If it accurately foretells Mohammad, then what do we do with its numerous errors? Title: The Gospel of BarnabasAuthor: UnknownWritten: In Italy in the 16th century C.E. Have you ever read the Gospel of Barnabas? It claims to foretell … Learn More

What Do Christians Believe About Isa & Why?

“After them we sent forth Isa the Son of Mary, confirming the Torah already revealed, and gave Him the Injeel in which there is guidance and light. Therefore, let those who follow the Injeel judge according to what Allah has revealed therein.” (Quran, 5:44-46) Based upon Allah’s revelation in the Injeel, Christians believe that Isa the Messiah is Allah’s  Son … Learn More