Will You Get Alone Time With Jesus In Heaven?

A few times scripture says Jesus sent away crowds or persons after a miracle occurred. Jesus sent others away so he could pray.Jesus sent others away so he could move on to something else.Jesus sent others away to tell others about him.Jesus sent others away to follow a law about healing. In every instance when Jesus sent others away, they … Learn More

Where Is God When _______?

I had an interesting exchange with a Facebook friend who asked, “Where is God when genocide, rape, and starvation are part of everyday life?” Our short discussion revolved around injustices done to South African blacks during the era of apartheid. Her challenge was a significant one, and usually many Christians have great difficulties answering it, often overwhelmed with the scope … Learn More

Pornography & The Church

“I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lustful intent has already committed adultery with her in his heart” (Matthew 5:28).  Aren’t daily devotions like this one supposed to be encouraging? Why would I bring up pornography in a devotional? Because it’s the number one problem in the church today. Consider these tragic statistics from the … Learn More

Do You Know Who You Are? You Are What You Do

Perhaps you’ve heard a story like this before. Jason is 19-years old. He wants to take a year-long break from school before going to college so that he can backpack Europe and go find himself. He asks for money from his parents and away he goes, seeing sites, meeting women, perhaps bedding a few, maybe a little experimentation with drugs, and the … Learn More

When God Calls, Get Ready, Cuz You May Not Like It

A while back I took a large number of professional and personality assessments to help me hone in on what my greatest strengths and desires are so that I can know what kind of ministry assignments I should pursue. I wanted to know what I can do that fits me best. Perhaps you want the same thing? During one assessment … Learn More

God Loves You This Much…And You’re Not Going To Believe It

I have a passage of scripture to share with you that if you take time to dwell upon it, it will radically transform your view of God, and even your life. This is not a cliche or overstatement. It is transformative. But you will miss it if you only consider what the passage says in English. Understanding it requires a … Learn More

A “Silent Witness” For Christ Is No Witness At All

Have you ever heard someone say that they witness by what they do rather than by what they say? This usually goes along with the argument that people need to see us living for Christ and we should not say anything until we are living right. Let me say it right up front. The silent witness for Christ is no … Learn More