I Bet You Will Choose The Wrong Candidate. Don’t Believe Me? Give This A Whirl

The people you are about to read about were real leaders in history. Pay close attention. You will be asked to vote for one of them. During his term the Incumbent has worked to accomplish three things: Strengthen the national defense, bring the economy under control, and promote faith in God. He is a family man with one wife. Most … Learn More

How Can God Be Loving And Send People To Hell?

Earlier today I noticed this meme on Facebook, posted by a friend of mine. It’s a challenge to the believer that the God he worships is self-contradictory and inconsistent. The meme would seem to say the scripture is at odds with itself. Thus, why believe in a God who contradicts himself like this? However, such a perception is partial and … Learn More

The Coming Christian Persecution

The institutionalization of sin always results in the persecution of those who hold that sin as destructive. Rome had institutionalized murder in the gladiatorial games. Christians were often thrown to the lions and murdered by gladiators.  The United States institutionalized the murder of unborn children. Those who protest or who try to save the lives of the unborn can be … Learn More

If It Can’t Be Measured It Doesn’t Exist

A while back I posted the following on my Facebook page: “If it can’t be measured, it doesn’t exist.” It wasn’t long before someone asked, “How do you measure God?” Some people look at faith in God as something that is regulated to “personal belief.” In other words, you can believe something if you want, but it’s not really real. … Learn More

Together Through The Bible

In 2008-2009 while managing Eagle Television in Mongolia, I hosted two seasons of the Bible study program, Together Through The Bible. Upon its first release the program pulled great audience numbers. Many thousands of people were encouraged by the programs and 15,000 Bible studies matching the programs were distributed. Now, nearly all of those episodes of Together Through The Bible are available on Youtube … Learn More