Why Support Our Ministry?

I have been in Christian media since 1983 working in radio, television, and the Internet in Arizona, New Mexico, Florida, Turkey, and Mongolia. Now the Lord has given us a ministry with the Jesus Film Project that has us involved in showing the Jesus Film on television stations worldwide.

I currently head up Global Broadcast Strategy for the Jesus Film Project. Since 2016, when I took this position, there have been more than 800 million views of our films on television in 155 countries with millions coming to faith in Christ. We are looking forward to soon hitting our goal of more than 1 billion views.

Our past ministry work has helped bring thousands of men and women to Christ in the US, the Muslim world, and Mongolia. I am a Broadcast Specialist, having worked in talent and administrative positions in radio and television for more than 37 years. I have helped build radio stations, and consult and train staff of Christian radio and TV stations in several countries. Most recently, I served as President of Eagle Television in Mongolia, that nation’s first independent TV station after the fall of communism. While in Mongolia, I also hosted the number one rated television program, Together Through The Bible, and authored more than 30 Bible studies used by the ministry to teach discipleship to more than 25,000 Mongolians nationwide.

My previous media work includes serving as producer of the nationally syndicated radio program, Connection, hosted by Skip Heitzig, and as head of marketing and development for three syndicated radio properties hosted by the late Dr. Bill Bright. I also served as Operations Manager for KVOI (Tucson, Arizona) and KLYT (Albuquerque, New Mexico).

Partnership & Investment

In today’s challenging world, fulfilling the Great Commission is a task that no person or organization can do alone. Reaching the world for Christ requires ministry partnerships and financial investments designed to bring the love of Jesus through practical means to people who long to know the truth about God and how they can know him personally. We need your partnership in our ministry to enable us to do just that. Would you please consider taking a step of faith with us by financially investing in our ministry? Thank you for your consideration and desire to reach challenging and difficult areas of the world for Christ.

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