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Deep Thought 394
Reaching Out To Jesus When You’re Not Supposed To 347
Fear & Free Media 326
Why Doesn't God Do Something About Evil? 317
"American Christianity Has Failed." No, It Hasn't, and Here's Why 250
The Unbiblical Practice of Waiting on the Lord 234
Why Does God Withhold Information From Us? 210
Misunderstanding Spiritual Warfare 189
I've Decided I Don't Want To Live A Moral Life. Really 168
Hearing The Audible Voice Of God 163
When Your Faith Isn't Public, It's Not Likely To Be Private Either 157
It's Okay To Look At Other Women 153
Is Hugh Hefner In Hell? 145
The RPs of Broadcast Ministry 144
You Lost Me 144
Blaming God For Suffering 135
God Always Starts The Conversation 134
Should You Own One Of These? A Biblical Case for Private Weapon Ownership 130
The Trinity and the Holy Spirit 122
Living Like Animals 107
Where Is God When _______? 106
How To Become A One Mina Man 99
You Should Feel Guilty About Your Witness For Christ 98
Buddhism & Christianity Are Not Compatible. Here's Why 94
First Source Ethics 79
Deciding on your Predestination 78
Would Jesus Go For The Headshot? 72
When He Is Master 58
Abandoning Jesus 57
Why I Believe In Jesus 46
God Is Obligated To Judge You 45
What Conservative Christians Are Missing In the Climate Change Debate 35
Jesus Wants Us To Be Nice 35
You Want To Approach God? Who Do You Think You Are? 34
Where Liberalism & Conservatism Meet 34
Reflections on the Superior Life of Jesus 33
The Case For A Biblical Capitalism 31
Climate Change & Ownership of Earth 31
The Flying Spaghetti Monster Is Real, And I Can Prove It 27
Eagle News Has Lost It's Way 26
God Is Obligated To Love You 26
M&Ms, Refugees & The Heart of God 24
Reasons For Rejecting Jesus 22
Honey, I Love You With All My Mind 21
My Journey To An Old Earth 21
Reversing Decline Takes Three Things 20
Confused by Creationism Redux 19
Creation Wasn't A Miracle: A Perspective On The Appearance Of Age 19
Is There Time In Heaven? 18
Recognizing Assumptions 18

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