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Welcome to the most popular section of tomthinking.com. Is the earth 6,000-10,000 years old or billions of years old? Does science disprove the Bible? Was Noah's flood global or local? Can you believe in evolution and still be a Christian? If the earth is young, why does everything look old? These and many other questions revolving around creation are addressed in these articles. Some deal with creation issues head on, other just touch the subject. I hope you find this section of my website illuminating.

Ask Tom: Why Is Young Earth Creationism Pseudoscientific?
A question asking me to justify evidences against young earth creationism.

Ask Tom: Is The Earth Really Young Or Old? 
A challenge from a reader not to be so divisive since the age of the earth can't be measured. What? Read on.

Confused by Creationism Redux
A brief look at six interpreations of Genesis about creation.

My Journey To An Old Earth
What evidence took me from a young earth leaning to an old earth view of creation.

The Great Creation Cop Out. What Passes For Evidence Among Creationists
There's one phrase we say over and over and it's making us look completely stupid.

Six 24-Hour Days or Millions of Years? It's the Wrong Question
Going beyond the simplistic views of young earth and old earth to show what's really on Genesis 1 beyond the usual rhetoric.

The Case for Death Prior to the Fall
Did death exist prior to Genesis 3? This article explores why death before sin was possible, though not actual.

Creation Wasn't a Miracle: A Perspective on the Appearance of Age
Why do we call creation a miracle? Technically speaking, it wasn't a miracle, it was the normal act of God. A miracle is something else.

Why Science Can Help Us Understand the Bible 
We use science all the time to influence our perspective of the Bible, but why do young earthers say we shouldn't? I show why science offers great value to aid our understanding of the Bible.

Harmonizing Science & the Bible
Science and faith need not be enemies. Here's why.


Evolution vs. Intelligent Design: Philosophy or History?
Why can't we consider Intelligent Design to be science and not just philosophy?


It's About What's Real

This is the bottom line in the science/evolution/creationism debate. It's all about what is real and what is not. Here's why. 

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