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Smart People Believe So It Must Be True

If a renown smart person ridicules your faith in God, does his intelligence make him right? According to Armin Navabi, author of Why There Is No God, smart people don't always get things right when it comes to religion. On this, we can heartily agree.

Smart people can be wrong. Yet, we use smart people and celebrities to push our products or views all the time. Just because Stephen Hawkings is considered the greatest mind of our day, does that make him right about spiritual things? Just because Neil deGrasse Tyson is smart and has a popular TV show, should we trust what he says about religion? Just because Albert Einstein was the most brilliant man of the 20th century, does that mean his opinions about spiritual things hold heavy water?

Using celebrity endorsements and smart people to advance our views is a popular tactic in getting consideration for whatever agenda we may have. People listen to such celebrities. But that doesn't make them experts or correct in their views. Truth is something to be discovered and revealed. It doesn't come packaged in a celebrity endorsement. Navabi himself, falls into this trap. After arguing that smart people aren't always the one to be listened to, he goes on to say, "Atheism is much more common among scientists as among non-scientists."

I agree with Navabi on the following statement: "Experts are not always right. Even very smart people can be wrong. Likewise, smart people can be wrong about God. A person’s intelligence does not cause her to be right; an intelligent person who fails to recognize material evidence can still hold the wrong opinion."

While Navabi's premise that authority figures aren't always right about God is sound, it is also sound in the reverse. Navabi's argument above applies equally to the atheist. They can make terrible mistakes about whether or not God exists. What must always be taken into consideration are the facts—not the endorsement of the facts.

It is the Bible's claims, not the claims of Christians (famous or unknown), that Navabi must refute in order to make his case. But he does not do that. Christianity stands or falls on the resurrection of Jesus, not on what a famous person may say. Prove the resurrection claim a lie and everything else falls with it. In 2,000 years no one has been able to do that. Why do you think that is, smarty pants?

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