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Many People Died For God, He Must Be Real

In chapter 16 of his book, Why There Is No God, author Armin Navabi refutes the ideas of martyrdom and dying for one's religion as a proof of God's existence. He notes that people of all faiths have died for their religions. Those deaths don't prove that God is real. If the Hindu dies for his faith, does that mean what he believed was as real as Christianity?

There is one group of people whose deaths actually do make a case for the testimony of the Bible. Their deaths are a type of proof for God's existence. Who were these people? The apostles of Jesus Christ.

Consider that all of the apostles, except for John, went to cruel and inhumane deaths. They were killed by the sword, flayed alive, beheaded, and one was dipped in boiling oil (though he survived).

All of these men made the same claim. They personally knew Jesus Christ, saw him die, and saw him after his resurrection from the dead. In every available recorded we have, biblical and non-biblical, all of these men went to cruel deaths, never recanting what they declared to be true—Jesus Christ rose from the dead.

If these men lied about their experience, why would they be willing to endure such horrible deaths? They would have essentially been dying for a lie, and doing so knowingly. Instead, they continued to profess the true history about Jesus until they were robbed of their lives.

It's one thing to die for a mistake. It's another thing to die for something you know to be a lie when recanting that lie will save your life. The apostles recanted nothing.

If sacrificing your life will not prove God exists, perhaps you should look at those who saw the face of God in Jesus Christ. Their deaths, do indeed, prove that God exists.

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