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The Laws Of Logic Prove God Exists

In his book, Why There Is No God, author Armin Navabi attempts to refute the Transcendental Argument For God. This argument essentially says that the laws of logic prove that God exists. The argument goes like this:

  • Logical absolutes exist
  • These laws of logic are conceptual in nature, not physical. They do not exist anywhere in the physical world
  • Because these absolutes are conceptual, they must have been conceived in a mind
  • However, these laws are perfect and absolute. Human minds are not perfect or absolute
  • Logical absolutes are true everywhere and are not dependent on human minds
  • Therefore, these laws of logic must exist in a perfect, absolute, transcendental mind
  • That mind is called God

Navabi rightly points out that in order for the argument to be persuasive all of its premises must be true. He argues that the premises are not true. Navabi counters with, "The universe does not conform to logical absolutes because someone thought them up and is holding reality to that standard." He goes on to say that the laws referred to are descriptive, not prescriptive. However, Navabi's argument is not one from observation, but is an assumption. Even if the laws are descriptive they still describe something that is absolute. In this sense they describe the actual and therefore the conclusion remains valid.

Navabi argues, "If you were to accept the premise that universal concepts require a universal mind to think of them, there is nothing to suggest what that mind might be like." But Navabi forgets the description of #4, "These laws are perfect and absolute. Human minds are not perfect and absolute. The natural progression then is to show that these laws can only come from a perfect mind and there is no perfect mind except for God's. For Navabi's counter-argument to be valid he would have to show another perfect mind to conceive them that is not God. He cannot do that. Since he cannot do that, the conclusion to the premises still stands.

God exists.

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