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Miracles Prove The Existence Of God

In chapter three of Armin Navabi's book, Why There Is No God, the author seeks to answer the challenge posed by some theists who say, "Some unexplained events are miraculous, and these miracles prove the existence of God."

Navabi discusses what people claim today to be miracles, but he completely avoids miracle accounts in the Bible.

I think that most of what passes for miracles today are nothing more than charlatanism or over-emotionalism. TV preachers make big claims, but their claims don't always stand up to scrutiny. When a Christian claims that God did a miracle and it turns out to be false, the reputation of the faith is maligned. I agree with Navabi when he states, "Just because an event's cause is not immediately apparent or understandable does not mean that it must have a supernatural origin. It might simply mean that more research should be completed to understand it or even that we may never fully understand it."

This is not the case with miracles in the Bible. And it's at this point that I notice that Navabi saves his criticism for what passes as miraculous today—but not the miracles of Jesus.

The miracles in the Bible are never attributed to an "unknown cause." Consider the following:

  • God told his miracles, in advance, to Moses
  • Jesus' miracles were predicted in OT prophecy
  • Miracles by the apostles were announced as being done by the authority of Jesus
  • No miracle in the Bible was ever declared false in the day in which it was performed
  • Jesus' enemies recognized Jesus' miraculous works as real, and never accused him of being a charlatan
  • The miracles of Jesus were unique. No one ever did the things that Jesus did

If miracles are impossible, as naturalism would have us believe, then the naturalist must find a way to discredit the miracles of Jesus in a reasonable way. To establish miracles as impossible, or having another cause, you have to provide evidence that the miracles of Jesus were trickery, or false reports, or misunderstood. Navabi steers clear of this, I assume, because he cannot provide a persuasive explanation that would believably discredit the miracles of Jesus. It's not enough to say Jesus' miracles were impossible. You must be able to show why they are fiction.

Throw away the claims of miracles in our age. In fact, there are many Christians who do not believe that miracles are operative today. So, disregard them. Instead, focus your attention on the miracles of Jesus. The Gospel doesn't stand or fall on the basis of miracles today. Rather, if the miracles of Jesus were not legitimate, then neither were his claims of deity. And if Jesus was not deity, then he could not save us from our sin.

Good luck with that.

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