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Is Hugh Hefner In Hell?

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The recent death of Hugh Hefner, the Playboy founder, saw multiple posts on social media remarking about the eternal destiny of the man, that Hefner, having never repented of his sin, died and went to hell. At the same time, there were those who remarked that you don't really know if Hefner went to hell because anything could have happened at the last moment. Perhaps he asked the Lord to save him and we'll see him in heaven?

The RPs of Broadcast Ministry

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I've been in broadcast ministry for over 30 years. Recently, I was involved in consulting a radio station in a foreign country and one of things we addressed was what I call the RPs of broadcast ministry. Interested in using media in your ministry? Then pay attention. You need four things, and here they are.

Blaming God For Suffering

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A news story of a terribly abused boy once again brought up the issue on social media about whether God exists and if so, how does he allow suffering and remain good?

I've never know anyone to give an emotionally satisfying answer to the question of why God allows or uses suffering. But, this assumes that assuaging our feelings is the goal of such an answer. It's as if we expect an answer during suffering that results in, "The pain is terrible but I feel good about it now." That's just silly.

There's a difference between the experience and emotion of suffering and what we know, intellectually, about suffering and God's role in it. So, allow me to make a few sweeping observations about what we know, not what we feel.

The Unbiblical Practice of Waiting on the Lord

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I bet more than a few Christians clicked on this article after reading the title, possibly incensed. After all, doesn't the scripture say in Psalm 27:14 and elsewhere to, "Wait on the Lord?" Yes, it does. But now that I have you in my web let me clarify what I mean. I don't mean the fully biblical practice of waiting on the Lord to act. Rather, I'm referring to the modern practice of waiting in silence during prayer for the Lord to speak. I'm willing to bet that most people who have tried this have been met with one thing.


Eagle News Has Lost It's Way

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This will be my last word on the controversy regarding Eagle TV's abandonment of neutrality and fairness in its political reporting.

Eagle news өөрийн замаа алджээ. Гэхдээ найдвар байна.

I have been reminded that most TV stations in Mongolia report with great bias. But I am not concerned with most stations. I am only concerned with Eagle News. I was the co-founder of Eagle Broadcasting Company in 2003 and served as President of the company until April 2011. I love Eagle TV. I gave Eagle 9 years of my heart and soul. The staff at Eagle TV were like my family. And I still love Eagle TV today.

God Is Obligated To Judge You

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After my recent post, God Is Obligated To Love You, a friend challenged me with this question: "Bill Maher is always pointing to the genocide God initiated [in the Old Testament]. You seem to go around this sort of objection to talk of God's love. If you could give a direct answer to Maher, what would you say?"

Here's my answer. I'd dramatically roll my eyes at Maher and say, "Puuulleeease, just go to commercial."

Just kidding. Actually, every objection deserves an answer. But for something like this, I think there are multiple answers to the challenge some people throw out when protesting the idea that the God of the Old Testament is a God of love. So, I'd like to provide five answers to the challenge above.

God Is Obligated To Love You

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Is the Bible a book of hate?

I heard this question this morning during church. The pastor described those who see the judgment or more violent stories in the Bible as proof that the Bible is a book of hate. The implication is that God is therefore hateful, especially the God of the Old Testament. But I think this view of God in the Old Testament is like looking at a road in the forest, always looking at the road and missing the beauty of the trees.

I'd like to offer up a concept on God's character, from the Old Testament, that I think most of us have missed. Here it is: God is obligated to love you. In fact, God is obligated to love you, in a legal way. Let me explain what I mean.

Climate Change & Ownership of Earth

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The secular concept of environmentalism and climate change activism is based upon the idea of nations exercising rights through occupation and proximity. If a people group occupies territory or is in proximity to territory, then it has a "right" to that territory and even possesses ownership. But this is not a biblical idea.

Imagine that space aliens came to settle on the earth. By our "being here first" we would say that the alien has no right to settle here without permission. In our way of thinking, we "own" the earth. But what if the aliens wanted to settle on the moon? Does man own the moon because it is in proximity to the earth? The earth needs the moon to maintain its weather patterns and eco-systems. Our proximity to the moon and our need for it would seem to imply that it belongs to us. The same can be said for the other worlds in our solar system. If they did not exist, life on earth would be impossible. Thus, our need and proximity imply right and possible ownership. If we are the only life in the solar system, does that mean man possesses the solar system?

What Conservative Christians Are Missing In the Climate Change Debate

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President Trump's recent decision to abandon the Paris climate accord has many people on the left and the right screaming. I have to confess that I'm tired of the political railing from both sides of the political spectrum. I want to be concerned with things far deeper. Yet, as a Christian concerned first with the Great Commission rather than my secondary conservative political views I think there is something that conservative Christians are missing regarding climate change.