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Answers To An Atheist's 20 Challenges

Author Armin Navabi of Atheist Republic has authored a short book entitled, Why There Is No God. The book offers rebuttals to 20 questions or proofs for God's existence.

Some of the rebuttals are well formulated, but ultimately each falls short in making the case for God's non-existence. This section of my website is my armchair attempt to provide counter-arguments to Navabi's ascertains.

Navabi is a former Muslim of Iranian decent. In the introduction to his book he explains his journey from devout Muslim to equally devout atheist. Being familiar with Islam myself, I easily noticed how Navabi's arguments apply to Allah as revealed in the Quran. While he applies these 20 questions to God in general, his main targets are Islam and Christianity. My responses to Navabi's challenges are written from an evangelical perspective.

It should be noted upfront that while Navabi frames these 20 questions or statements as being proofs offered by believers, in fact, many of these statements are, technically, not proofs. And to be honest, in my 32 years of walking with Christ and 30 years of ministry, I've never encountered several of these arguments for God's existence. But perhaps that's because I don't recognize them as so called, "proofs." Regardless, I present the title chapters as Navabi does, from his book. Then I will choose points from each chapter and explain why the offered proof is valid, or why the claim is worthy of consideration even if it's not really a valid "proof."

Furthermore, by themselves, these arguments made by theists may not be persuasive. But taken as a whole, cumulatively, there is merit in their propositions. In fact, most of what a person believes in not based upon a single argument. Rather, the cumulative evidence convinces us of something and then we trust it. Note that I did not refer to absolute proof. I don't think such a thing exists. When we stand before God then we will have absolute proof. Until then, cumulative evidence is what we are looking for.

Navabi seems like an honest seeker of the truth. His journey has led him to atheism. So, I hope, his true journey is not yet complete.

There are 20 counter-arguments presented here as 20 short articles, named after each of Navabi's chapters. I hope you find these useful.

1 Science can't explain the complexity and order of life; God must have designed it to be this way.

2 God's existence is proven by scripture.

3 Some unexplained events are miraculous, and these miracles prove the existence of God.

4 Morality Stems from God, and without God, we could not be good people.

5 Belief in God would not be so widespread is God didn't exist.

6 God answers prayers; therefore, he must be real.

7 I feel a personal relationship with God, so I know that he is real.

8 It's safer to believe in God than be wrong and go to Hell.

9 God isn't defined. God cannot be comprehended or described. One must simply have faith.

10 There is no evidence that God does not exist.

11 If there is no God, where did everything come from? Without God there is no explanation.

12 My religion/God has helped me so much. How could it not be real?

13 God is love; God is energy.

14 The laws of logic prove the existence of God.

15 Believing in God provides meaning and purpose, without it, life would be meaningless.

16 So many people died for God/religion. Surely, it must be real.

17 Atheism has killed more people than religion, so it must be wrong.

18 You'll become a believer when you are desperate for God's help.

19 Smart people and renowned scientists like X, Y, and Z believe in God, so it must be true.

20 How can we really know anything?

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